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Saturday, 14 August 2010


1. Who hit the only hat- trick of World Cup Football-2010?
Gonzalo Higuaín, Argentina against Korea Republic.

2. How many goals are scored in the World Cup Football-2010?
145 including 101 in the group stage.

3. Which team scored maximum number of goals in World Cup Football-2010?
Germany. They scored 16 goals.
Netherlands second with 12 goals.

4. First goal of the tournament is scored by?
Siphiwe Tshabalala for South Africa against Mexico.

5. Youngest goal scorer of World cup football-2010?
Thomas Muller for Germany against Australia. He is 20 years and 273 days old when scoring that goal.

6. Oldest goal scorer of World cup football-2010?
Cuauhtémoc Blanco for Mexico against France.
He is 37 years and 151 days old.

7. Which country conceded most number of goals in World Cup Football-2010?
North Korea. They conceded 12 goals.

8. Which countries conceded least number of goals in World Cup Football-2010?
Portugal, Switzerland. These two teams conceded only 1 goal.

9. Who scored most number of goals in the Football world Cup-2010?
Three players scored 5 goals in this tournament. They are
David Villa (Spain), Wesley Sneijder (Holland), Thomas Muller (Germany), Diego Forlán (Uruguay).

10. Which countries scored fewest goals in World Cup Football-2010
Algeria, Honduras. They have not scored any goals in this tournament.

11. Which country hit maximum number of goals in a single match of World Cup Football-2010?
Portugal. They hit 7 goals against North Korea.

12. Who scored the fastest goal in a match from kickoff?
Thomas Muller for Germany against Argentina.
He hit that goal in the 3rd minute (2:38).

13. Who scored the latest goal in a match without extra time (i.e.90+5 minute)?
Alvaro Pereira for Uruguay against South Africa.

14. Who hit the Latest winning goal in a match without extra time(i.e. 90+1 minute)
Landon Donovan for the United States against Algeria.

15. Two players scored self goals in the Football World Cup 2010?
Park Chu-Young and Daniel Agger.

16. How many penalty kicks awarded in the FIFA World Cup 2010?
15. Out of which 9 penalty kicks converted to goals.

17. Fastest goal in a match by a substitute in World Cup Football 2010 hit by?
Cacau for Germany against Australia, Rodrigo Millar for Chile against Spain, and Kamil Kopunek for Slovakia against Italy.

18. Who hit the Latest winning goal in a match with extra time (i.e. 116 minute)?
Andres Iniesta for Spain against the Netherlands.

19. Most goals scored by one player in a match of FIFA World cup 2010?
3, Gonzalo Higuaín for Argentina against Korea Republic.

20. Awards of FIFA World Cup Football-2010.
The Adidas Golden Shoe Award - Thomas Mueller (Germany)
Adidas Golden Ball Award - Diego Forlan (Uruguay) [The award is given to the Player of the tournament.]
Adidas Golden Glove Award - Iker Casillas (Spain) [The award is given for best goal keeper]
Best Young Player Award - Thomas Mueller (Germany)
The FIFA Fair Play Award – Spain.
Last Man of the Match - Andres Iniesta (Spain)
- Diego Forlan (Uruguay)

21. Which country won the FIFA World Cup Football -2010?
Spain. They beat Netharlands (1-0) in the final.

22. Who scored the deciding goal in the final of World Cup football-2010?
Andres Iniesta. (Spain).

23. Which country conceded most fouls during World Cup Football-2010?
Netherlands. (126 fouls). They also rank as the most handballs committed (10) during the tournament.

24. Which country received most number of yellow cards in World Cup -2010?
Netharlands. (22)
Second -Chile (13 yellow cards)

25. Which country received least number of yellow cards in World Cup -2010?
North Korea. 2 yellow cards.

26. Number of red cards shown in World Cup -2010?
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