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Sunday, 29 August 2010


1. Bollywood movie which has been banned recently in Pakistan by government over fears of a terrorist attack and for references Osama Bin Laden?
“Tere Bin Laden”.
Starring Ali Zafar, a pop star from Pakistan, the movie “Tere Bin Laden”
depicts Zafar as a struggling Pakistani journalist who fabricates an interview with a man who shares an uncanny resemblance to Bin Laden.

2. The inventor of the black box flight data recorder who died at the age of 85 at a nursing home in Melbourne?

David Warren.
He is widely credited with creating the prototype of the flight data recorder, or “black box,” an advance in aviation that was partly inspired by the death of his father in a plane crash when he was 8.

3. President of an African country has banned the country's football team from international competition for two years following their poor showing at the World Cup-2010. Which is that country?
Nigeria. Nigeria finished bottom of their group in South Africa with just one point from three matches after losing to Argentina and Greece and drawing with South Korea. Hence President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan has banned the country's football team from international competition for two years.

4. Nepal's prime minister resigned recently, bowing to pressure from opposition Maoists who demanded his ouster in parliament and in street protests?
Madhav Kumar Nepal.

5. Who has been sworn in as the 15th president of Philippines?
Benigno Aquino III.

6. Who was named as the new Coach and manager of the English Premier League club ‘Liverpool’?
Roy Hodgson.

7. American talk show hosted by Larry King on CNN holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-running show with the same host in the same time slot which will end its run in the fall of 2010?
Larry King Live.
On July 15, 2010 the New York Daily News reported that Piers Morgan would be the new host of the show comes this fall.

8. Who was sworn in as Germany's 10th President on July 1, 2010?
Christian Wulff.

9. US President Barack Obama has recently declared a state of emergency in Texas. What is the reason?
A federal emergency declared in Texas as Tropical Storm Alex builds to hurricane strength and approaches south Texas and northern Mexico.

10. Who won the Man of the Match award in the fifth ODI Cricket played between Australia and England at London on July 03, 2010?
Man of the match: Shaun Tait (Australia). He took 4 wickets for 48 runs.
Result: Australia won the match by 42 runs.

11. Who won the Man of the Series award in the ODI Cricket Series played between Australia and England at England?
Eoin Morgan
Series Result. England won the 5 match series 3-2.

12. A never-seen-before portrait of Hollywood icon by artiste Andy Warhol has fetched a whopping USD 10 million at an auction held in London as part of the Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction. Name of that Hollywood star?
Elizabeth Taylor.

13. Indian-American who is appointed as assistant administrator for Asia in the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)?
Nisha Desai Biswal

14. Japanese car giant who recently decided to recall 270,000 cars worldwide because of an engine fault?
Toyota Motor Corp.

15. Madhya Pradesh’s Health Minister who resigned recently after being charged with the allegations that some of his close relatives were involved in the killing of a youth over a land dispute near his home town Gwalior?
Anoop Mishra.

16. Who has been ranked as the best president of the United States in the Siena College poll that surveyed 238 presidential scholars at colleges and universities? Franklin D Roosevelt.
Barack Obama has been ranked as the 15th best president of the United States.
Obama's immediate predecessor, George W Bush, has been ranked at 39 out of 43 presidents of the US listed in the Siena College poll.

17. Who is the first female president of Kyrgyzstan?
Rosa Otunbayeva.
She is also the first female president of Central Asia.

18. The new body created by the United Nations which will seek to improve the situation of women and girls around the world is officially known as?
“U.N. Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women” It will be referred to as “U.N. Women”.
U.N. Women will become operational on January 1, 2011. UN Women merges and will build on the important work of four previously distinct parts of the UN system which focus exclusively on gender equality and women’s empowerment. They are
1. Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW, established in 1946)
2. International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW, established in 1976)
3. Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women (OSAGI, established in 1997)
4. United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM, established in 1976)

19. Who won the Wimbledon women's tennis championship-2010 defeating Vera Zvonareva of Russia 6-3, 6-2 in the final?
Serena Williams.
This is her fourth Wimbledon women's tennis championship title and her 13th Grand Slam title.

20. Lebanon's most influential Shia Muslim leader and a figure seen as being a spiritual mentor to Hezbollah , Shi'a Islamist political and paramilitary organisation based in Lebanon, died recently at the age of 75?
Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah.

21. The mastermind behind the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre, in which 11 Israeli athletes were killed, died recently?
Abu Daoud. He is also known as Mohammed Oudeh.
On September 5, 1972, Palestinian terrorists killed 11 Israeli athletes who were taken hostage in Munich.

22. Who won the 2010 Wimbledon men's title by defeating Tomas Berdych in straight sets 6–3 7–5 6–4 in the final?
Rafael Nadal. This is his second Wimbledon triumph and eighth grand slam title.

23. Who clinched the Wimbledon mixed doubles championship-2010?
Leander Paes (India) and Cara Black (Zimbabwe).
They beat 11th seeds South African-American pair of Wesley Moodie and Lisa Raymond 6-4, 7-6 (5) in the finals. With this win, Leander Paes now have 12 Grand Slam titles -- six men's doubles and six mixed doubles Grand Slam crowns.

24. Who has been sworn in as new president of Poland?
Bronislaw Komorowski.

25. American geologist who is sentenced to eight years in prison by China for trying to buy data about the Chinese oil industry, a heavy penalty that legal experts said is a warning to foreign businesses and a rebuke to Washington?
Xue Feng.

26. Man of the match winners of MCC Spirit of Cricket Twenty –Twenty Cricket Series 2010 between Pakistan and Australia held in England.
1st T20 held in Edgbaston, Birmingham (neutral venue) on July 5, 2010.
Man of the match: Umar Akmal (Pakistan). He scored 64 runs from 43 balls.
Result: Pakistan won the match by 23 runs.
Second T20 held in Edgbaston, Birmingham (neutral venue) on July 6, 2010.
Man of the match: Mohammad Amir (Pakistan). He scored 21 runs and took 3 wickets.
Result: Pakistan won the match by 11 runs.

Series Result: Pakistan won the series 2-0.

27. Which fish has been declared as the ’state fish’ of Kerala?
Pearl spot, a costly fish variety known for its unique taste is locally known as “Karimeen”

28. ISRO has successfully launched the RH 200 rocket, which had a part of its payload developed by students from a University in Tamil Nadu. Which is that institution?
Vellore Institute of Technology University (VITU).
Students from Vellore Institute of Technology University (VITU) were being guided by Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre to develop a part of the payload as a co-passenger in the RH200 technology demonstrator flight. VITU is a private co-educational research university located in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

29. American news magazine which has apologised to Indian-Americans following the publication of a column by journalist Joel Stein which reportedly offended and outraged the large community, especially those in New Jersey?
Time Magazine
Joel Stein’s recent humour column ‘My Own Private India’ offended and outraged the large community.

30. Name of the French surgeon who has carried out the world’s first-ever successful transplant of an entire face, which include the eyelids and tear ducts?
Dr.Laurent Lantieri.
The 12-hour procedure was performed on June 26 and 27 at the Henri-Mondor public hospital in Creteil. The patient (identified only as Jerome) was a 35-year-old man whose face had been ravaged by neurofibromatosis (Also known as Elephant man Disease).

31. Which country sends maximum number of science and Engineering students to America?
According to National Science Foundation, India with 67,800 students accounts for largest number of foreign students in science and engineering in the United States and is followed by China with 53,740 pupils.

32. High Court of which country has banned punishments like caning or beating to women in the name of "fatwa" or Islamic decrees?

33. Which countries conducted a major spy exchange on chartered planes at an airport in Vienna, Austria on July 9, 2010?
Russia and U.S.A.
This is the biggest spy swap since the Cold War.

34. The United Nations has recently recalled its main representative to Sri Lanka following days of protests outside a UN office in Colombo. Name of that UN resident co-ordinator in Sri Lanka?
Neil Buhne.
Protesters are angry about a UN panel investigating alleged war crimes committed during the Sri Lankan government's civil war with the Tamil Tigers.

35. Who becomes the first female Prime Minister of Slovakia?
Iveta Radicova.

36. Which country won the FIFA World Cup Football -2010?
Spain. They beat Netherlands (1-0) in the final.
Spain is the first European team to win a World Cup outside its continent.
To know more about World Cup Football-2010 visit the below link

37. Which political party has emerged as the third largest party in the Rajya Sabha, relegating the CPI (M) to fourth position?
Bahujan Samaj Party.

38. Name of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle which successfully placed into orbit remote sensing satellite Cartosat-2B and four other satellites after a perfect lift off from the spaceport in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh on July 12, 2010?

39. Judiciary of which Islamic country has suspended a sentence of stoning to death against a woman for adultery?
Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a 43-year-old mother of two, sentenced in Iran to be stoned to death .She is an Iranian Azeri woman who is on death row in Iran for the crime of adultery, and was originally to be executed by stoning. She was first tried on May 15, 2006, by a court in Tabriz, pleading guilty to the crime of "illicit relationship" with two men, though the incident occurred after the death of her husband. She was sentenced to whipping of 99 lashes, which was carried out.

40. Which country has moved closer to approving female bishops, more than 30 years after its U.S. Episcopal Church began ordaining women?
Church of England, the home base of the global Anglican Communion, has moved closer to approving female bishops.

41. Man of the Match winners of MCC Spirit of Cricket Test Series 2010 between Australia and Pakistan?
First Test Played at Lord's, London (neutral venue) from July 13, 2010:
Players of the match Simon Katich (Australia) and Salman Butt (Pakistan).
Katich scored 80 in the first innings and 83 in the second innings. Salman Butt scored 63 in the first innings and 92 in the second innings.
Result: Australia won the match by 150 runs.

Second Test Played at Played at Headingley, Leeds (neutral venue) from July 21, 2010:
Players of the match Mohammad Amir (Pakistan) and Shane Watson. (Australia)
Mohammed Amir took 3 wickets in the first innings and 4 wickets in the second innings. Shane Watson took 6 wickets in the first innings and scored 24 runs in the second innings.
Result: Pakistan won the match by 3 wickets.
Series Result: 2-match Test series had drawn 1-1.

42. Name of the postgraduate student of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) who designed the new symbol for Indian rupee which is recently approved by the union cabinet of India?

D. Udaya Kumar.

New symbol of Indian Rupee

43. The Cabinet of India on 15-07-2010 approved acquisition of a government-owned Indian bank by the State Bank of India. Which is that bank?
State Bank of Indore.
Cabinet also gave its approval to introduce a Bill in the Parliament for making amendments in the State Bank of India (Subsidiary Banks) Act, 1959, to remove references of State Bank of Indore.

44. Which country became the first Latin American country recently to legalize same-sex marriage?
Argentina has become the first country in Latin America to legalise gay marriage after the Senate voted in favour.

45. Which American company is set to unveil the dual-purpose car-cum-plane vehicle called 'The Flying Car' which can travel up to 725 kilometres in the air at a speed of more than 115 kilometers per hour?

Terrafugia Transition.
The first vehicle is expected to roll off the production line in early 2011, but with a hefty price tag of £130,000.

46. Name of the storm that left a trail of destruction and deaths in the Philippines which hit southern China on July 16, 2010?
Typhoon Conson

47. Which countries inked ten cooperation agreements in Beijing on 16 July, 2010 ranging from green energy, culture to the establishment of joint venture on truck and lorries production?
China and Germany.

48. Name of the first made-in-India car from Nissan and the first product to roll out of its Chennai plant with alliance partner Renault?
Nissan Micra.

49. Name the first completely India made web browser which is based on open-source Mozilla Firefox platform developed by a Bangalore-based Indian software startup company Hidden Reflex?

50. French striker who retired from international football on July 15, 2010 after making 123 appearances and scoring a record 51 goals for France?
Thierry Henry.

51. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has exhumed the 180-year-old grave of South American Freedom hero to see if he was poisoned by Colombian enemies. Name of that Venezuelan military and political leader?
Simon Bolivar.

52. Which country clinched the three-Test hockey series against Belgium after winning the third match 6-0 played at Wellington, Brussels?
India clinched the test series 2-0. One match ended in draw.

53. One of the Seven Wonders of the World which was voted as the most popular Asian Attractions at the Asian Attractions Awards Ceremony, held during the Asian Attractions Expo 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?
Taj Mahal, India.
The award is given by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).

54. Name of the UK-built solar-powered plane has smashed the endurance record for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)?
The plane has been developed by the defence and research company Qinetiq. The UAV has been under development for a number of years at Qinetiq.

55. Man of the Match winners of Test Cricket Series 2010 between India and Sri Lanka held in Sri Lanka?
First Test Played at Galle International Stadium from July 18, 2010:
Man of the match: Lasith Malinga(Sri Lanka).
He scored 64 runs in the first innings and took 5 wickets in the second innings. Result: Sri Lanka won the match by 10 wickets.
Second Test Played at Sinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombo from July 26, 2010:
Man of the match: Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka).
He scored 219 runs in the first innings and remains not out on 42 in second innings.
Result: Match drawn.

56. Name of the two passenger trains which collided at the Sainthia station in Birbhum district on West Bengal on July 19, 2010, killing at least 63 people and leaving over 100 injured?
Uttarbanga Express and Vananchal Express.
The collision occurred 191 km from Howrah at 02:00 am (IST) when the Uttarbanga Express, traveling from New Cooch Behar to Sealdah, hit the Bhagalpur–Ranchi Vananchal Express which was just leaving Sainthia railway station. The impact destroyed the three rear compartments of the Vananchal Express.

57. Who won the 63rd Rangaswami Cup Senior National Men's Hockey Championship by defeating Haryana 3-2 in the final played at the Aishbagh Stadium, Mumbai?
This is the fourth time that Mumbai won the tournament since its inception in 1928. Mumbai had clinched the cup in 1940, 1944 and 1989 by beating Delhi, Gwalior and Punjab respectively.
Alden D'Souza of Mumbai was adjudged the Man-of-the-Match.

58. Indian cricket star Sachin Tendulkar has recently denied reports that drops of his blood will be imbued in a special edition of a new biography. Name of that biography?
“The Tendulkar Opus”.

59. The Coach of Indian Women's Hockey Team, who has resigned on 21st July, 2010 after allegation of sexual harassment by a junior player in the Women’s Hockey Team?
MK Kaushik

60. The remains of former dictator of Romania and his wife Elena have been exhumed for DNA testing on 21, July 2010, amid claims they may actually have been buried elsewhere. Name of that communist dictator who ruled the country with an iron hand from 1965 to 1989?
Nicolae Ceausescu. He and his wife were executed by firing squad after a revolt by Romanians that marked the fall of communism.

61. United Nations Court recently ordered retrial of former Prime Minister of Kosovo on murder and torture charges related to the country’s 1998-99 war with Serbia. Name of that former Prime Minister?
Ramush Haradinaj
The Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in Hague has ordered a retrial of former Kosovan Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, two years after he was acquitted of murder, rape and torture charges during the Kosovo War in 1998.

62. Which social networking website officially announced that it had surpassed 500 million users around the world?
Face book.
Face Book launched in February 2004.

63. Sri Lankan off-spinner who became the first bowler in the history of Test cricket to take 800 wickets?
Muttiah Muralitharan.
He became the first bowler in the history of Test cricket to get to 800 Test wickets when he took the final Indian wicket of Pragyan Ojha in the first Test between India and Sri Lanka at Galle.

64. Who has been named chairperson of the selection committee for this year’s (2010) National Sports Awards?
P T Usha.
Ashok Kumar will be head of the panel to pick the Dronacharya awardees.

65. Former Gujarat Minister of State for Home who was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) recently in connection with the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case?
Amit Shah.

66. A country on the northern coast of South America recently breaks diplomatic relations with Columbia. Which is that country?

67. South African umpire who has announced his retirement from umpiring after the end of the second Test between Pakistan and Australia played at Leeds?

Rudi Koertzen
Rudi is 61 years old and started officiating in international cricket from 1992. His first Test and ODI was against India in 1992. Koertzen went on to umpire in 106 Tests, and a record of 209 ODIs and 14 Twenty20 internationals.

68. Who was named coach of the Brazil national soccer team, replacing the fired Carlos Dunga?
Mano Menezes.

69. Indian-origin Professor of Linguistics at the University of Oxford who has been elected as Fellow of the British Academy, the national academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences?
Prof Aditi Lahiri.

70. Name of the autobiography of former Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee which describes Chatterjee's views on the bitter period in his last days of his parliamentary career?
'Keeping the Faith: Memoirs of a parliamentarian'.

71. Who became the first Indian woman referee to officiate in men's football match?

Maria Rebello.
She took charge of Delhi's Santosh Trophy battle against Madhya Pradesh and became the first female referee to officiate in the National Football Championship.

72. Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWF) recently suspended Sports Authority of India (SAI) coach after Sydney Olympic bronze medalist Karnam Malleswari alleged sexual harassment by him on junior lifters. Name of that coach?
Ramesh Malhotra.

73. Falling into step with the United States, European nations significantly broadened economic sanctions against a country on July 26, 2010. Which is that country?

74. The Khmer Rouge leader who was announced guilty by the UN backed war crimes court has been sentenced to 35 years of imprisonment?

Kaing Guek Eav (Duch).
He is a former leader in the Khmer Rouge communist movement, which ruled Democratic Kampuchea from 1975 to 1979. He is best known for heading the Khmer Rouge special branch and running the infamous Tuol Sleng (S-21) prison camp in Phnom Penh. He was convicted of crimes against humanity, murder, and torture for his role in the Cambodian Holocaust and sentenced to 35 years' imprisonment.

75. New Chief Election Commissioner of India?
S. Y. Qureshi.

76. Name of the passenger jet which has crashed on July 28, 2010 in a heavily wooded area outside Islamabad in Pakistan killing all 152 people on board?
Airbus 321.
The plane was owned by the private airline known as Airblue.

77. Name of the website which released over 75,000 secret US military reports covering the war in Afghanistan?
WikiLeaks (sometimes Wikileaks) is an international organization that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of otherwise unavailable documents while preserving the anonymity of sources. Its website, launched in 2006, is run by The Sunshine Press. Within a year of its launch, the site claimed a database that had grown to more than 1.2 million documents.

78. Who became the ninth Indian cricketer to score a century in his first Test innings (on debut) in the second Test match between India and Sri Lanka at the SSC in Colombo?
Suresh Raina.

79. In a historic vote on 28th July 2010, the United Nations General Assembly has approved a resolution regarding water. What is that?
“Clean water and sanitation are fundamental human rights”
Supported by 33 countries, it was Bolivia that finally presented the UN General Assembly with a specific proposal for the resolution. This week, 122 of the 163 UN member states present voted for its approval. The remaining 41 countries - almost exclusively from the industrialized north - abstained from the vote.

80. Who is selected for the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award (2010), the country’s highest sporting honour?
Saina Nehwal, Ace shuttler.

81. Arjuna Award Winners-2010.
Krishna Punia (athletics), Joseph Abraham (athletics), Dinesh Kumar (boxing), Parimarjan Negi (chess), Jhulan Goswami (cricket), Deepak Mondal (football), Sunil Chettri (football), Rajiv Tomar (wrestling), Sandeep Singh (hockey), Jasjit Kaur (hockey), Jajseer Singh (Paralympics), Dinesh (kabaddi), Kapil Dev (volleyball), Rehan Poncha (swimming), Sanjeev Rajput (shooting).

82. The Bangladeshi government has recently ordered mosques and libraries across the country to remove all books written by a controversial Islamic scholar. Name of that Islamic author?
Syed Abul Ala Maududi.
Born in India, the Pakistani scholar is considered the most prominent theorist of radical Islam in modern South Asian history.

83. The Uruguay striker who won the golden ball in the 2010 World Cup, visited Kolkata recently?
Diego Forlan.

84. A top leader of Mexico's Sinaloa drug gang who has been killed while resisting arrest in a military raid?
Ignacio "Nacho" Coronel.

85. Indian batsman who scored his fifth double century in the Test match against Sri Lanka?
Sachin Tendulkar.
He equalled West Indian Brian Lara's record of 19 scores of 150-plus.

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