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Thursday, 27 August 2015



1.    The Sardar Sarovar project is located in :

2.    Which ministry conducts the decennial census in India?
Ministry of Home Affairs.

3.    Who was the President of Indian National Congress when “Poorna Swaraj “resolution was passed?
Jawaharlal Nehru.

4.    Kolar Mines in Karnataka is famous for:

5.    Name the river that flows through Silent Valley?

6.    Gandhiji broke the salt law on :
April 6, 1930.

7.    Who was the founder of Samathwa Samaj”?
Vaikunda Swami.

8.    Which is the longest river in South India?

9.    Telengana State was formed on :
June 2, 2014.

10.    SAARC Summit of 2014 was held at:

11.    Anamudi peak is located in which district of Kerala:

12.    Bachpan Bachao Andolan was started by:
Kailash Satyarthi.

13.    “No caste, No Religion, No God for man” Who said these words?
Sahodaran Ayyappan.

14.    Who among the following was known as “Shanmughadasan”?
Chattambi Swamikal.

15.    “Operation Lehar” was associated with :
Hud Hud.

16.    Who wrote the book “MokshaPradipam”?
Brahmananda Sivayogi.

17.    What is the position of India in Human Development Index 2014?

18.    Gandhiji met Sree Narayana Guru in :

19.    Quit India movement was started after the failure of :
Cripps Mission.

20.    What is the motto of National Games?
Get Set Play.

21.    Specific heat is the amount of heat required to rise the temperature:
By unit degree of unit mass of substance.

22.    Pulverized coal is :
Coal broken into fine particles.

23.    The I.P (indicated power) of an engine is always …………… the break power.
Greater than.

24.    Volumetric efficiency is the ratio  of :
Volume of charge admitted at NTP to swept volume.

25.    Water hammer is developed in a :

26.    The time for half amount of radioactive isotope to decay is known as :
Half life.

27.    Acme thread has ………… angle.
29 degree.

28.    As steam expands in turbine:
Its specific volume increases.

 , it is the relation for polytrophic process, if n =0, then the process become:
Constant pressure process.

30.    Which of the following enters to the super heater of boiler?
(A) hot water    (B) Super Heated steam    (C) Wet Steam    (D) Cold Water.
Ans: Wet Steam.

31.    ……….is reduced in turning operation.

32.    A hydro electric power station is commonly constructed at :
Hilly areas.

33.    Morse test is conducted to find out the indicated power of :
Multi cylinder engines.

34.    “Intensity of pressure at a point in a fluid at rest is same in all directions”, this law is :
Pascal’s Law.

35.    One liter of water occupies a volume of :
1000 cm3.

36.    Question Deleted.
37.    Question Deleted.

38.    A structure used to dam up a stream or river, over which water flows is called:

39.    The most efficient air standard cycle is :
Carnot cycle.

40.    The function of an inter cooler in multi stage compressor is :
To cool the air and to minimize the work of compression.

41.    The break power of an internal combustion engine can be found out with the help of :
Brake dynamometer.

42.    Question Deleted.

43.    In water tube boilers:
Water passes through the tubes which are surrounded by the flame and gases.

44.     The object of producing the draught in boiler:
(A) To provide the adequate supply of air for the combustion.
(B) To exhaust the gases of combustion from the combustion chamber.
(C) To discharge gases of combustion to the atmosphere.
(D) all of the above.
Ans: (D) all of the above.

45.    The efficiency of a boiler plant ……….. with mechanical draught:

46.    Venturimeter is used to :
Measure the discharge of liquid flowing in a pipe.

47.    The property of a material which allows it to be drawn into smaller section is called:

48.    Kinematic viscosity is the :
Ratio of absolute viscosity to the density of the liquid.

49.    Which thermodynamic law provides the basis of temperature measurement?
Zeroth law of thermodynamics.

50.    Question Deleted.
51.    A cylindrical section having no joint is called:
Seamless section.

52.     Cavitation in hydraulic machinery:
(A) causes sudden drop in power output and efficiency.
(B) causes noise, vibrations of various parts
(C) reduce discharge of the turbine
(D) all of the above.

Ans: (D) all of the above.
53.    The resilience of a material is considered when it is subjected to :
Shock loading.

54.    According to Darcy’s formula loss of head due to friction in a pipe is :

55.    Which of the following has no unit?
(A) Kinematic viscosity    (B) Surface Tension   
(C) Bulk Modules    (D) Strain.
Ans: Strain.

56.    Question Deleted.

57.    The ratio of work done per cycle to the stroke volume of the compressor is known as :
Mean effective pressure.

58.    The maximum bending moment due to moving load on a simply supported beam, occurs:
Under the load.

59.    The characteristic equation of gas is :

60.    The mechanical efficiency of an impulse turbine is :
Ratio of actual work available at turbine to the energy imparted to the wheel.

61.    C.R.D.I is related to :
Fuel System.

62.    E.G.R is employed to reduce:

63.    VVT- i is employed to operate:
Valve Train.

64.    Question Deleted.

65.    HUD is a term linked with ………. of the modern vehicle.

66.    Anti dazzle devices are used in ……….system.
Head Lamp.

67.    FFV stands for :
Flexi Fuel vehicle.

68.    Schrader valve appears on :
Wheel Assembly.

69.    EBD is a ……….. device in modern vehicle.
Break assistance.

70.    Viscous coupling is employed instead of …………. in modern vehicles.

71.    Soot is a type of :

72.    Cowl is a part of :
Body panel.

73.    Blow by gases can be relieved by :
PCV valve.

74.    Expansion tank is employed in ……….system.

75.    A.C. Mechanical pump is employed in :
Fuel system.

76.    Pulsation of clutch pedal is due to:
Misalignment of engine and transmission.

77.    Car can stop in gear by using:
Fluid flywheel.

78.    Torque transfer at an angle is provided on propeller shaft by using :
Universal joint.

79.    Scrub radius is :
Distance between king pin axis on the ground and wheel contact point on the ground.

80.    The ratio of side force to the slip angle is called:
Cornering power.

81.    Torsion bar is used for :
Suspension system.

82.    The unbalanced wheel gives rise the problem of :
Wheel wobble.

83.    Skidding of wheels avoided by :
Using ABS.

84.    Brake caliper is :
Used in disc brakes.

85.    The distance between the centre lines of the front and the rear axles is called:
Wheel base.

86.    Ackermann steering mechanism is used for :
Getting correct steering angle.

87.    Top of the wheel slants vertically outward is called:
Positive camber.

88.    Over drive is used to :
Step up the gear ratio.

89.    Volumetric efficiency of an engine is increased by :
Using large inlet valve.

90.    Cold rating is associated with :

91.    Spark developed in spark plug when:
C.B.Point opens.

92.    Turn ratio is associated with :
Ignition coil.

93.    R.P.M of an engine can be measured with :

94.    Folo-Thru drive employed in :
Starting system.

95.    Sealed beam unit is a part of :
Head lamp circuit.

96.    M.A.C.T is related to :
Accident claim.

97.    Speed limit is included in :
Mandatory sign.

98.    Super elevation is ………..of a horizontal curved portion of a road:
Inward transverse inclination.

99.    A fare that is proportionate to the distance travelled is known as :
Graduated fare.

100.    The Motor vehicle to which semi-trailer is attached is called :
Articulated vehicle.
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