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Saturday, 29 December 2012


[Also common paper for Departmental Test for the Ministerial Staff, Vigilance Division-II Paper, Departmental Test for the Ministerial Staff of K.S.E.B.-IV Paper)
[Manual of Office Procedure for use in offices other than those Departments for which separate manuals have been prescribed (Common Paper)]

1.    Papers of ephemeral character are not entered in this register:
Distribution register.

2.    When valuables are received the tappal clerk enters the details in:
Security register.

3.    The valuables received in the office sent for safe custody of:

4.    The stamps received in the office duly affixed on petition are defaced by:
 Tappal clerk.

5.    The acknowledgement of the manager who receive the valuables in the office to       be obtained in this place:
Margins of the communication.

6.    A new personal register is opened for every year:
Calendar year.

7.    How many entries can be made in each page of the personal register?
Three entries.

8.    The process of putting up previous correspondence is: (Question Deleted)

9.    An officer writes questions on the margin of the note file and where the clerk to furnish reply:
In continuation of the note file.

10.    At the top of note file what colour fly leaf is placed?

11.    Put up for reference will be placed, when two files will be linked:

12.    In the course of dealing with a subject, a fresh subject arises, what is desirable to deal it:
Opening of a fresh file.

13.    In which area of the file the arguments for and against any measure can be taken?

14.    When a reference is from bulky volume to be put up this is sufficient:
Extracts of passage.

15.    How a running note will go until the final orders?

16.    When drafts can be put up with note:
In simple case

17.    How a draft is written or type written in on sheet leaving margin?
Half margin.

18.    The entry in the index relating to an individual paper is called:

19.    How the amount noted in the draft is to be clearly shown?
In words as well as in figures.

20.    A petitioner submitted a complaint in a government office and requested for acknowledgement:
To be acknowledged.

21.    When a petition of a party is rejected what is to be specified in the draft?
Reason should be specified.

22.    A letter is received from a MP:
Careful Consideration.

23.    Which disposal to be sent out in original?
N Disposal.

24.    Which disposals are to be filed?
F disposal.

25.    How many index slips are prepared by the clerk?

26.    When final disposal is made, the nature and date of disposal to be completed in this register?
Personal Register.

27.    One index slip is kept by the clerk:
For reference of the clerk.
28.    Inside of which the name of the department, office and date of disposal to be shown:
(Question Deleted)

29.    Before sending the final disposal to the fair copy section who is expected to verify that no further action to be taken:

30.    Who will send the disposal to the record section?
Fair copy section.

31.    When the disposal is forwarded to record section what is to be obtained from record section by fair copy section:

32.    Such closing of files are strictly prohibited:
Premature Closing.

33.    When the peons to come in the office?
Half an hour earlier.

34.    After the heads and sub. heads which is placed:
Title proper.

35.    Why each clerk to maintain the index disposal file?
To refer afterwards.

36.    How many late attendances will f forfeit one casual leave?
Three Days.

37.    The system of indexing on the basis of index slip is known as?
Slip index system.

38.    How the index slip are used in the office?
Punched with 2 holes.

39.    In record room in which way the index slips are filed in one combined index:
For whole office.

40.    What is the benefit of keeping combined index?
New slips can be inserted.

41.    When the volume of index slip became bulky?
Broken up to smaller volumes

42.    Number of letter forms are commonly known as :
Question Deleted.

43.    Which form of communication is used for addressing Govt.?
Letter Form.

44.    A regional office of a Govt. department wrote a letter to Govt. How this can be sent to Govt.?
Sent through the Head of Department.

45.    The corrections and interlineations should be avoided in :
Fair copying.

46.    To draw the personal attention of the individual officer another officer addressed, the communication taken this form:

47.    In which way a communication is sent to a subordinate officer for remarks:
Endorsement Form.

48.    Who will examine the local delivery book daily?
Despatching Clerk.

49.    According to the rules for correspondence which officer can address govt. directs:
Heads of Departments.

50.    All communications are sent from an office in the name of :
Head of office.

51.    Who is to sign the proceedings issued from an office?
[Question Deleted].

52.    As far as possible, how many topics can be dealt with in one letter:
One Topic.

53.    What is the salutation form of letters in respect of a lady?

54.    What is the subscription of all letters?
Yours faithfully.

55.    Which correspondence is undesirable to place on official records?

56.    Who should sign the proceedings criticizing the subordinate officer?
Head of office.

57.    Before signing the paper on which issue special care should be given by the signing authority:
Legal matters.

58.    The MP is writing a letter to the District Collector to draw his attention to an urgent matter. Who is to sign the reply to the MP:

59.    The reply to MLA from Panchayat department Head quarters office secretariat on his petition to be signed by :
[Question Deleted]

60.    After signing of the paper to whom it is handed over:
Despatch clerk.

61.    Where the despatch clerk enters the date of despatch in?
Personal Register.

62.    Who is to affix despatch stamp on each office copy?
Despatch clerk.

63.    Which slip is pasted in the envelop?
Economy slip.

64.    In case confidential papers, what is affixed on both end of the economy slip:

65.    When economy slip cannot be used?
Registered Post.

66.    The letters to the office with in the head quarters are sent:
Local delivery book.

67.    Which register is to be checked by the fair copy superintendent daily?
Despatch-cum account register.

68.    What is to be handed over when a clerk goes on casual leave?
Office Key.

69.    How many pages are to be typed by a Malayalam typist daily?
[Question Deleted]

70.    Normally when  receipt of petitions will be acknowledged by Govt. office:
[Question Deleted]

71.    How many years the despatch-cum account register is to be retained?
Three years.

72.    The fair copy superintendent is to submit this register to the head of office every month for verification:
Call book.

73.    Whose responsibility is the supply of records?
Record Keeper.

74.    In whose custody the attendance register will be kept in each sections:

75.    Generally who is authorised to inspect the record room periodically:
Head Ministerial officer.

76.    What will be in the place of records issued?

77.    How many records can be used from the same time from the record section?
[Question Deleted]

78.    In which method the registers in the Govt. officer can be maintained:
Prescribed form.

79.    When telephone message are received it is treated as:

80.    If an oral instruction is received from the Hon. Minister. What is to be done?
Brought to the notice of Head of the Department.

81.    Muslim officers will be granted 2 hours from 12.30 to 2.30 p.m. on this day for jumma prayers:

82.    An interval of 45 minutes are allowed to Govt. employees from :

1.15 to 2 P.M.

83.    When the attendance closes after the office opens?
10 minutes.

84.    Each superintendent should maintain a register to record the staff going out at office …… hours.
Movement Register.
85.    How many years can keep the record issue register?
Three years.

86.    This kind of reference is also registered as the same way as  any other paper received in the tappal:
Arising reference.

87.    It is consists of the current file and note file:
 [Question Deleted]

88.    A communication received in the office is stamped and numbered is called:

89.    The preparation of any communication is called:

90.    The term used to denote the process of copying and despatching of communication is :

91.    It is written by the clerk to facilitate disposal of :

92.    Reply to a reference issued from the office has to be filed with a current already pending is called:
Old case.

93.    Process of putting up previous correspondence for disposal of a case is :

94.    A minor division of office consisting of a superintendent and one or more clerks under him is called:

95.    The current and enclosure arranged below is punched and a tag is passed through the hole is :

96.    The tappal is opened and stamped in the presence of :
Head of office.

97.    The Tappal received in the office is opened and entered in:
Distribution register.

98.    In which file the concerned clerk add the current, if it is related to an unclosed case:
Current file.

99.    The authority to pass orders in the notes submitted from the section is :
Head of office.

100.    When a file is finally disposed of the file with a copy of which is sent to record room:
Index slip.

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