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Wednesday, 17 July 2013



1)    A document preparation software:

2)    A technique in which system resources are shared among multiple users:

3)    Interaction modelling cannot be done using:
State Diagrams.

4)    The number of bits that can be transmitted over a network in a certain period of time.

5)    Which of these is not a mark up language?
(A) HTML    (B) XML    (C) SGML     (D) XGML.
Ans: XGML.

6)    A network topology that combines features of linear bus and star topology?

7)    If  language L={0,1}*, then the reversed language LR    =
(0, 1}*

8)    In Linux, the subdirectory that contains system configuration files including user passwords:

9)    SQL command to delete a column from an existing table:
Alter table.

10)    A technique not associated with data mining:
Dimensionality Modelling.

11)    Memory bank experiencing too much contention from processor:

12)    T he  number of nodes in a complete  binary tree of height n:
2 n+1  -1

13)    The science and art of breaking  ciphers:

14)    A raster scan display  system with 24 bits per pixel and a  screen resolution of 1024x 1024 requires  a frame buffer of size:
3 Mega bytes.

15)    Not a parallel programming language:
A)C*        B) Sequent   C        C)n Cube C       D)C++
Ans: C++

16)    Process of mapping a network interface IP address to its hardware address:

17)    For the following sample database table staff:

The SQL query: SELECT COUNT (Staff no) AS mycount, SUM(Salary) AS mysum FROM Staff
WHERE Designation=’Manager’
returns the result.

Ans: mycount=2, mysal=98000.

18)    Linux partitions are credited using the file system:
(A) FAT      B)FAT32   C)  EXT3   D)NTFS
Ans: EXT 3

19)    The local area network technology used in Ethernet
    Ans: CSMA/CD

20)    Data abstractions means:
Ans: Putting together essential  feature without including  background details.

21)    A   hardware interface that allows for the connection of several peripheral  devices to a single PCI  board:

22)    If  n represents the dimension of cube and k, the radix(no. of nodes along each dimensions) then the number of nodes N of a K-ary n –cube network is :

23)    The output generated by the following C program:
# include
Main ()
    int v=3;
    int * pv;
    Printf(“ *pv=%d  v=%d ”, * pv,v );
Ans: *pv=0, v=0.

24)    A famous technique used in data ware housing:

25)    The environment variable in Linux , that contain a list of directories the shell automatically recognizes:

26)    Not an Anti-virus software:
A) McAfee   B) Norton   C)AVG   D)TROJAN

27)    The following IP address format refers to:

Ans: Class C addresses.

28)    In C++ , a pointer that is automatically being passed to a member function during its  invocation is :
this pointer.

29)    With QBE, inserting records from one or more source tables into a single target table can  be achieved by :
Append action query.

30)    Not an example of a network debugging utility:
A) Ping   B)nslookup C) Traceroute  D) telnet
Ans: telnet.

31)    A security protocol for personal emails:

32)    If an g are functions ,then f(n)=ø(g(n)) if  :
f(n)=O(g(n)) and  f(n)= Ω(g(n)).

33)    Simplified form of the Boolean expression


34)    The post fix form of the  expression  (A+B)*C-D/E is: -

35)    When a process  is  accessing shared modifiable data , the process is said to be in:
Critical section.

36)    The first MPI function call made by every MPI Process is the call to :
MPI _ Init (  ).

37)    Question Deleted.

38)    Boundary  value  analysis is a method for  :
Black box testing.

39)    Dijkstra’s Banker’s algorithm is used for :
Deadlock Avoidance.

40)    (P v q)≡ p q a famous law in logic known as :
De morgans’ law.

41)    The language accepted by a push down automata:
Type 2.

42)    In parallel algorithm design, the process of grouping tasks into larger tasks in order to improve performance :

43)    A system call in Linux operating system to create a new child process, which is a copy of the parent process:

44)    A Preemptive  type of process scheduling  strategy:
A) Highest Response Ratio Next scheduling
B)Shortest job first out scheduling
C)First in first out scheduling
D)Shortest remaining time next scheduling
Ans: D)Shortest remaining time next scheduling.

45)    The type of geometric transformation applied to an object for repositioning it along a straight line path from one location to another:

46)    Vignere cipher is a kind of:
Poly alphabetic cipher.

47)    Recursive Descent parsers are a type of :
 L L parsers.

48)    The approach used for requirements elicitation in software design and development process:
A)View points        B)Interview    C)Use-Cases    D)All of these
Ans: D)All of these.

49)    The output generated by the following C program:

# include
int Update (int x)
    static int y =10;
        y + = x;
main ()
    int a, count;

    for (count=0; count <3 br="" count="">
               a = Update (count);
               printf (“ % d”, a);
Ans: 10 11 13.

50)    Area on earth where signals of a satellite can be received:
Foot- print.

51)    Question Deleted.

52)    A networking devices used to connect similar types of LANs:

53)    A SIM card contain:
A) Personal identification number
B)International mobile subscriber identity
C)Authentication key
D)All of these
Ans: D)All of these.

54)    In the given tree, in what order does the vertices are processed if in-order traversal is used:


55)    IC 74 LS 138 is a:

56)    Binary search algorithm employs the strategy of :
Divide and Conquer Technique.

57)    Dangling – else  ambiguity can be eliminated by:
Matching else with nearest unmatched if.

58)    Among the following , a representation that can be used for designing a system as a collection of  procedures  or  modules:
A)Data flow diagrams    B)Activity chart C)Flow chart    D)E R Modelling
Ans: Data flow diagrams.

59)    In C++, the following statements causes:
# include

int main()
        int x  = 10, y =5;
        int * p = & x;
        int * q  = & y;
    p = q;
    delete (p);
    return (0);
(A) p-a dangling reference    (B) q-a dangling reference
(C) Both p and q as dangling reference.    (D) None of these.
Ans: None of these.

60)    Conversion from one data type to another data type, inserted automatically by a programming language:

61)    The process of testing individual components in a software:
Unit testing.

62)    In C++, the operator  which cannot be overloaded:
A)Bitwise & operator    B)Assignment operator  C)== Operator         D): : Operator
Ans: D): : Operator.

63)    A solution to external fragmentation:

64)    A type of inheritance  in which the  property of one class is inherited by more than one class:
Hierarchical inheritance.

65)    The worst case time complexity of merge sort algorithm for input size n:
θ(n log n).

66)    Question Deleted.

67)    If a variable is declared as register type , then the operator  that cannot be applied to it:Ans: Unary &.

68)    Question Deleted.

69)    What would be the output of the following C program.
# include
main ()
        int x = 1 ;
        while (x < = 1);
            printf (“Good Morning”);
            -- x;
(A) Good Morning    (B) Good Morning infinite times
(C) Blank Display    (D) Syntax Error.
Ans: Syntax Error.
70)    In a compiler the task of scanning the source code, to recognize and  classify various elements is known as:
Lexical Analysis.

71)    Time Complexity of Prim’s minimum spanning tree algorithm  is:

72)    A  fact  in prolog is a special case of a :
73)    Grammars that can be translated to DFAs:
Right Linear Grammar.

74)    An example of a compiler-compiler is :

75)    A relation R on a set X is said to be a partial ordering if R is:
Reflexive, Anti-Symmetric ,Transitive.

76)    What would be the output of the following C program.
# include
main ()
    int i, x =1, y =1, z =0;
    printf(“ % d % d”, x, y );
    for (i=0,  i < 3 ; i + +)
        x + y = z;
        printf (“ % d ”,  z );
        x = y;
        y =z;

(A) 1 1 2 3 5    (B)1 1 1 1 1    (C) 1 1 0 0 0     (D) Syntax error.
Ans: Syntax Error.

77)    Let V1={A,B,C} and V2={P, Q}, then the graph below is a :

Bipartite Graph.

78)    Natural objects can be realistically modeled using:
Fractal Geometry.

79)    Not a storage placement strategy for an incoming program/data:
Average Fit.

80)    An attribute or set of attributes within one relation that matches the candidate key of some (possibly the same) relation:
Foreign Key.

81)    A subset of data in a warehouse in the form of summary data, related to a particular department of business function:
Data Marts.

82)    In an IP packet, header checksum computes:
1’s complement sum of 16 bit words in the header without data field.

83)    A TCP server must prepare to accept a connection attempt from a TCP client by calling the function:

84)    Not a Bernstein’s condition for two processes P1 and P2 executing in parallel on input set I1 and I2, producing output set 0 1 and 0 2 respectively.
I1∩I 2= Φ

85)    The normalization of I N F relations to 2NF involves:
Removal of partial dependencies.

86)    The technique used for dimensionality reduction of original data:
(A) Discrete Wavelet transform    (B) Principal Component Analysis
(C) Both (A) and (B)    (D) Neither (A) nor (B).

87)    Question Deleted.

88)    An objective measure of pattern interestingness in data mining:
(A) Support rule        (B) Confidence rule   
(C) Both (A) and (B)     (D) Neither (A) nor (B).
Ans: Both (A) and (B).

89)    DHCP stands for:
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

90)    A static member function can have access to:
Static members in the same class.

91)    Hidden terminals in a wireless network may cause:

92)    IC 80287 is :

93)    The maximum size of main memory of a computer is determined by:
Address Bus.

94)    In computer terminology, POST stands for:
Power on Self Test.

95)    SaaS is a popular term in the field of :
Cloud Computing.

96)    Not an assembler directive
(A) XCHG    (B) ASSUME        (C) SHORT    (D) DB
Ans: XCHG.

97)    In a CDMA system, a code for a certain system should have:
(A) Good auto correlation with other codes.
(B) Orthogonality to other codes
(C) High standard deviation.
(D) Both (A) and (B).
Ans: Both (A) and (B).

98)    1 Kilo Bytes refers to :
1024 Bytes.

99)    Tuple in a relational algebra refers to :

100)    A ternary operator in C++
(A) ?:    (B) I I        (C) : :         (D) . *
Ans: ? :
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