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Sunday, 23 April 2017


1. “Operation Anantha” is  a Thiruvananthapuram  based  project aimed  at :
Preventing floods in the city.

2. “India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters”, which is the national pledge are the words of :
Venkita Subba Rao.

3. Provisional Government of free India was proclaimed in1943 from :

4. What historic incident took place in Meerut on May 10, 1857?
Sepoy Mutiny.

5. Which Travancore ruler abolished slave trade?
Rani Gowri Lakshmi bai.

6. NITI Aayog is a new arrangement. What institution did it replace?
Planning Commission.

7. Government of India observes December 25 as :
Good Governance Day.

8. The Bengal revolutionaries took shelter in a North-Eastern State( the princely state) which took active participation in the freedom struggle. Which state?

9. What revolutionary incident took place on 10th March 1888 in Travancore?
Aruvippuram Prathishta.

10. The Constituent Assembly was formed based on the proposals of :
Cabinet Mission.

11. The opening article of Indian Constitution declares that “India, that is Bharat, shall be a  …………
Union of states.

12. 86th Constitutional amendment in 2002 inserted Article 21-A. What fundamental right does it provide?
Right to Education.

13. Basic structure of the Constitution are unamendable according to the verdict in :
Kesavananda Bharati Case.

14. Who among the following was not a Prime Minister of India:
(a)Charan Singh (b) Chandrasekhar (c) Jagjivan Ram (d) Morarjee Desai.
Ans :Jagjivan Ram.

15. Question Deleted.

16. Representation of a State in Rajya Sabha is based on :
Population of the state.

17. The practice of transferring the law making powers to the executive by the legislature due to lack of time and expertise is known as :
Delegated legislation.

18. Which of the following constitutional provisions cannot be amended by the Parliament by passing a law  by simple majority?
(a)Abolition of Legislative Councils in States.
(b)Changes in name and boundary of states.
(c)Salaries and allowances of the President
(d) Composition and jurisdiction of Supreme Court.
Ans : Composition and jurisdiction of Supreme Court.

19. Which of the following writs can be helpful in securing the release of a person unlawfully detained?
(a)Habeas Corpus (b)Mandamus (c)Prohibition (d)Certiorari.
Ans: Habeas Corpus

20. President of India is elected by an electoral college consisting of :
Elected members of both Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies.

21. The feminine form of ‘master ‘is ……….

22. The plural form of ‘basis’ is ………….

23. The superlative form  of ‘little’ is ……………..

24. She is senior ……….his brother by two years.
25. She made………attempt to cross the bridge.

26. You can travel ………..road.

27. She prefers coffee……tea.

28. She is …….. small to lift the weight.

29. She did his work……………

30. The man enquired where……………..
(a)the office is (b)was  the office (c) the office was (d)will be the office
Ans: The office was.

31. The principle of ‘actus non facit return nisi mens sit rea’ 
Common law.

32. U/s 209 Cr.P.C  , the committal proceedings are in the nature of :

33. The jurisdiction to try cases of juveniles is vested with:
Chief Judicial Magistrate.

34. The term ‘will’ is defined in :
General Clauses Act.

35. Match the following :
(a) Lee.V.Knapp (i) Literal Rule
(b) Smith.V.Hughes     (ii) Ejusdem Generis
(c) Grey V .Pearson (iii) Golden Rule
(d) Clark.V.Gaskarth (iv) Mischief Rule.
Ans: (a) –(iii),  (b)-(iv), (c)-(i), (d)-(ii).

36. The maximum no.of offences of the same kind within the space of 12 months that can be charged together is?

37. The period of limitation in the case of an offence of an offence punishable with imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year is :
1 year.

38. The liability in which the sole intention of the law is to enforce the plaintiff’s rights  and not to punish the wrongdoer is :
Remedial liability.

39. The theory of social contract is propounded by :

40. Question Deleted.

41. Match the following:
(a) Intoxication (i)R.V.Tolson
(b) Criminal attempt (ii)DPP.V.Beard
(c) Sexual harassment (iii) Gian Kaur V State of Punjab.
(d) Mens rea (iv) Visakha V.State of Rajasthan.
Ans: (a) –(ii),  (b)-(iii), (c)-(iv), (d)-(i).

42. Question Deleted.

43. Under Companies Act, 2013, the maximum number of members in a private company is :

44. The limit of territorial water of India extends to……………nautical miles.

45. The modern concept of rule of law was developed by :
Delhi Declaration, 1959.

46. Appropriate legislature is empowered to frame service rules under……… of constitution of India.
Article 309.

47. Irrationality of administrative action is determined by ……….
Wednesbury test.

48. The Doctrine of Ultra Vires is related to :
Ashbury Railway Carriage and Iron Co.V.Riche.

49. Attestation under Transfer Property Act requires:
Two or more witnesses.

50. Which of the following is primarily concerned with environmental protection?
(A)WIPO (B)WHO (C)Red Cross (D)Green Peace.
Green Peace.

51. The rule of necessity is admissible under section ………….of Evidence Act.

52. Temporary injunction is guaranteed under…………..of Civil Procedure Code.
Order 39 Rule 1

53. The Evidence Act has ………..sections.

54. A woman is entitled to get legal aid if her income is ………..
No limitation.

55. Legal aid is a…….
Fundamental Right.

56. At the final disposal of suit, if the parties fail to produce evidence the court may :
(A)Pronounce judgment (B)Adjourn the case (C)Dismiss the case (D)Both (A) and (B)
Ans: (D) Both (A) and (B).

57. A judgment can be reviewed by………
Same Court.

58. A subscriber becomes a member of the company :
Immediately on the incorporation of the company.

59. In fixing the liability, the rule of proximity to the crime committed is irrelevant in :
Abetment and conspiracy.

60. Counter claim can be fixed under:
Order VIII, Rule 6A CPC.

61. Charge is defined under:
S.100 of Transfer of Property Act.

62. Which of the following is an actionable claim?
(A)Arrears of rent (B)Decree (C)Stock and Shares (D)All of the above.
Ans: Arrears of rent.

63. The rule against perpetuity is provided under:
S.14 of T.P.Act.

64. ‘X’ voluntarily throws a ring belonging to ‘Y’ into a river with the intention to cause wrongful  loss to ‘Y’.’X’ is liable for:

65. Question Deleted.

66. The oral evidence shall be…………….

67. The Maternity Benefit Act was passed in the year ………

68. The number of persons required for registration of trade union is…….

69. Question Deleted.

70. The term grund norm is associated with
Basic norm (German: Grundnorm) is a concept in the Pure Theory of Law created by Hans Kelsen, a jurist and legal philosopher. Kelsen used this word to denote the basic norm, order, or rule that forms an underlying basis for a legal system. 

71. Every promise and every set of promises forming consideration for each other is :

72. The rule that no one shall be allowed to enrich himself at the expense of another is the basis of :
Quasi contract.

73. International concern for the protection of environment is the subject matter of :
Stockholm declaration.

74. The model forms of memorandum of association is provided in …… of companies Act, 2013.
Schedule I.

75. Lok Adalats are constituted under:
Legal Service Authorities Act.

76. The nature of transaction in the case where a dentist agrees to make artificial teeth for a person and fit them into mouth:
Contract for work.

77. Cox Vs. Hickman is associated with ………

78. The multifariousness in a suit is the result of :
(A)Misjoinder of cause of action (B)Misjoinder of parties  (C)Both (A) and (B) 
(D)  Either (A) or (B).
Ans: (C)Both (A) and (B).

79. Human rights are derived from:
Natural law.

80. The permanent lok adalat us established under:
S.22B of the Legal Services  Act.

81. An employee is eligible for leave with wages if he worked for ……..days in a month.

82. Protection officer under protection of women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 is appointed by:
State government.

83. Which of the following considered as first generation rights?
(A) Social and Economic Rights (B) Civil and Political Rights (C) Cultural Rights (D) All of the above.
Ans: (B) Civil and Political Rights.

84. Question Deleted.

85. Liberty, equality and Fraternity are the slogans of :
French Revolution.

86. Article 1  ICCPR guarantees:
Right to self determination.

87. The jurisdiction of Munsiff Court is :

88. Doctrine of public trust is related to
Protection of environment.

89. Presumption as to dowry death is provided under …….of Evidence Act.
Section 113B.

90. A dying declaration is valid and admissible if it is made before:
(A) The police officer not below the rank of S.P.
(B)  Any police officer with the consent of court.
(C) Magistrate.
(D) All of the above.
Ans : (D) All of the above.

91. The constitutional provision which lays down the responsibility of govt. towards environmental protection?
Article 48 A.

92. In India the conciliation proceedings are adopted on the model of:

93. Question deleted.

94. Under Payment of Bonus Act, an employee is eligible to get bonus if he has worked for not less than ……days in the preceding year.

95. The Article which provides constitutional protection to the civil servants:

96. The concept of corporate social responsibility is embodied in :
Section 135 of Companies Act 2013.

97. A public company may issue securities by :
(A) Public Offer (B)Private placement (C)Bonus issue (D)All of the above.
Ans: All of the above.

98. Where a forest offence has been committed in respect of any forest produce, it can be seized by:
(A) Forest Officer (B)Police Officer (C)Both (A) and (B) (D) Magistrate.
Ans: Both (A) and (B.

99. The right to free and compulsory education is provided to the children between ….. under the Right of children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009.
6 to 14.

100. The maximum number of public companies in which a person can be appointed as a director.

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