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Thursday, 29 September 2016


DATE OF EXAM -20.01.2016

1.    The type of farming in which income from a single source does not exceed more than 50 % is
Diversified Farms.

2.    Minimum number of high yielding animals required to run a dairy farm economically viable is:
4 to 5.

3.    Which one of these is not an advantage of tail to tail system?
(A) Feeding of crows is easy
(B) Cleaning and milking is easy
(C)  Less chance of spread of disease
(D) Cows get fresh air
Ans: Feeding of crows is easy.

4.    The percent of the breedable stock for which calving pen is required is:
10 %

5.    The critical temperature for Indian cattle is:
95 degree F.

6.    Which of these breed have convex head with folded leaf like ear?
(A) Sindhi  (B) Sahiwal    (C) Gir        (D) Kangeyam.
Ans: Gir.

7.    The quantity of water required to produce one kg milk is :
2-3 kg.

8.    The capacity of animals to adjust to climatic changes is called:

9.    The breed of buffalo with bulging forehead and sickle shaped horns is :

10.    The group of cross breeds produced by the breeding programme of Kerala is known as :
11.    The phenomenon by which the progeny will exhibit extra vigour than the parents is called:

12.    Which one of this is not a secondary sex organ?
(A) Epididymis (B) Vas deferens  (C) Penis    (D)Testes.

13.    Fructose of the seminal plasma is secreted by:
Seminal vesicles.

14.    The average volume of ejaculate from a bull is about:
3-4 ml.

15.    The funnel shaped tube at the ovarian end of oviduct is called:

16.    Ovulation in cow occur.
12-15 hours after the end of oestrus.

17.    The outer most covering of ovum is called:
Corona radiate.

18.    The longest phase of the oestrus cycle is called:

19.    The common diluents used for dilution of semen is :
Egg yolk citrate.

20.    The temperature of liquid nitrogen used for storing frozen semen is :
-196 degree Celsius.

21.    The zygote reaches the uterus by:
5-6 days.

22.    The period from fertilization to parturition is called:
Period of gestation.

23.    The gestation period of buffalo is:
300-310 days.

24.    The inability of cow to normally calve due to postural abnormalities is called:

25.    The technique of producing large number of off springs from a superior cow is called :

26.    Colostrum has to be fed to the calf:
Within half hour after birth.

27.    The rate of feeding milk to a calf is :
10 % of body weight.

28.    The new method of identification of cattle is :
Cryo branding.

29.    For converting a bull calf to bullock, castration has to be done at the age of :
2-3 years.

30.    The heard replacement rate of farm should be:
20% yearly.

31.    The compartment of a crow’s stomach which is called as true stomach is :

32.    Fat provides………. times energy than carbohydrates.

33.    The basic component of protein is called as:
Amino Acid.

34.    Vitamins which are synthesized in the rumen are:
B complex Vitamin.

35.    Feed constituent in which the crude fibre is less than 18% is called:

36.    The DCP and TDN in a compounded cattle feed is :
16 and 70.

37.    The type of silo suitable in areas where soil is loose and water table is high is :
Bunker silo.
38.    Question deleted.

39.    For hay making the grass should be harvested at the
Pre-flowering stage.

40.    High  ……… acid content in paddy  straw has been found to interfere with calcium absorption.
Oxalic acid.

41.    The thumb rule for feeding concentrate to cattle is :
400  g/litre of milk.

42.    Milking should be completed within the prescribed period because the half life of oxytocin is :
5-7 minutes.

43.    Withholding of the milk is due to the hormone.

44.    It has been estimated that a dairy cow produced half of its lactation yield during the first …… days of its lactation period.

45.    According to PFA rule buffalo milk should contain not less than a :
5%FAT and 9% SNF.

46.    pH of fresh milk is :

47.    The whiteness of the milk is contributed by:

48.    Milk sugar Lactose is formed by:
One molecular of galactose and one molecule of glucose.

49.    The average freezing point of milk is :
0.55 degree Celsius.

50.    The average specific gravity of milk is :

51.    Temperature and time for HTST method of pasteurization (degree centigrade and seconds)?
72 and 15.

52.    The aseptic packing technique under which milk can be kept at room temperature for many weeks
Tetra packing.

53.    The fat content of Butter should be:

54.    The acid that is added to coagulate milk to make Paneer is :
Citric Acid.

55.    The fat content of standardized milk and toned milk is :
4.5 and 3 %.

56.    The normal temperature of cattle is:
38.6 Degree Celsius.

57.    Which one of the following is not a bacterial disease?
(A)Brucellosis        (B) Hemorrhagic septicaemis    (C) Foot and Mouth disease.
(D) Anthrax.
Ans: (C) Foot and Mouth disease.

58.    The deficiency of which vitamins leads to nutritional cause of infertility?
A and D.

59.    Test for mixing of crow and buffalo milk is :
Hensa test.

60.    Question deleted.

61.    Impulses in the heart are generated by the.
SA node.

62.    Auxanometer is used to demonstrate ………….in plants.

63.    The correct term used for single celled organisms.

64.    Hemoglobin is not the oxygen carrying pigment in:

65.    The absorption of glycerol and fatty acids occurs in the:
Lymph vessels within the villi.

66.    Phyllotaxy refers to:
The arrangement of leaves on the stem.

67.    The nitrifying bacteria in nitrogen cycle:
Convert ammonia into nitrates.

68.    Absorption of water in the plant occurs through:
(A) Active absorption    (B)Passive absorption    (C) Both A and B    (D) None of these.
Ans: (C) Both A and B.

69.    In man ……….is the voice box.

70.    The pigment not found in Chloroplast is :

71.    Oxygenated blood never goes to the heart in :

72.    The heart of frog is …….. chambered.

73.    In the following muscles which is striated and involuntary?
(A) Smooth muscles    (B) Skeletal muscles    (C)Cardiac muscles    (D)None of these.
Ans: (C)Cardiac muscles.

74.    The vein that carries oxygenated blood is the :
Pulmonary vein.

75.    The excretory organ of earthworm is:

76.    …………….. is a micronutrient.

77.    The deficiency of ………..causes rickets.
Vitamin D.

78.    Mitosis occurs in :
Both germinal cells and somatic cells.

79.    Plasma membrane is made up of :
Phospholipids and proteins.

80.    Glycogen is a polymer of

81.    Thycaud Ayya was the famous disciple of :
Vaikunda Swamikal.

82.    The Sanskrit learning centre founded by Vagbhatananda in 1906.
Thatwa Prakasika.

83.    Paper currency was first introduced in India in:

84.    Planning Commission of India was formed in the year:

85.    The first Governor of RBI was:
Osborne Smith.

86.    The Radcliffe line is a boundary between ………. and  ………..
India and Pakistan.

87.    The host and winner of COPA America in 2015:

88.    ………. Train has been renamed as Yoga Express.
Haridwar Mail.

89.    The title “Mahatma” was awarded to Gandhi by:
Rabindranath Tagore.

90.    The award presented to ISRO for accomplishing Mars Mission:
Space Pioneer Award.

91.    First solar fight which round the world:
Solar Impulse.

92.    India’s first fully indigenously constructed nuclear power station.

93.    The author of the book “Poverty and un-British Rule in India’?
Dadabhai Naoroji.

94.    Gandhi Irwin Pact was signed in :
1931 March 5.

95.    Aruna Asif Ali is associated with:
Quit India Movement.

96.    World Refugee day comes on:
June 20.

97.    The title “Sarva Vidyadhi Raja” was given by Ettarayogam to :
Chattampi Swamikal.

98.    Karattu Govinda Menon is better known as :
Brahmananda Sivayogi.

99.    The title “King of Pulaya” was awarded to Ayyankali by:
Mahatma Gandhi.

100.    What does SD in SD card denote?
Secure Digital.
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