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Monday, 8 September 2014



1.    Valuation and presentation of inventories is :
IAS 2.

2.    Accounting principles are based on :

3.    Find the odd one:
(A) Purchase Book    (B) Sales Book   (C) Purchase Return Book    (D) Cash Book.
Ans: Cash Book.

4.    A credit sale of Rs.5, 000 to Sugunan has been wrongly passed through the purchase book. To rectify the error, Sugunan’s account is debited with:

5.    What is the total earnings of a worker from the following data? Standard time for completing the job 50 hours. Actual time taken for completing the job 45 hours. Time rate is Rs.20 per hour, premium bonus is 60% of time saved.

6.    What is the Economic Order Quantity if annual requirement is Rs.1, 600 units, cost of material per units is Rs.40, cost of placing and receiving order Rs.50. Annual carrying cost of inventory is 10% of inventory value?
200 units.

7.    If sales is Rs.2,40,000; percent of gross profit on sales 20%, purchase Rs.1,75,000, closing stock Rs.30,000. Then opening stock will be ………..

8.    Find the odd one out:
(A) Waste Book    (B) Day Book    (C) Rough Book    (D) Memorandum Book.
Ans: (B) Day Book.

9.    If cost of an asset is Rs.60,000 and life period is 4 years. The rate of depreciation is ……

10.    When furniture is purchased for Rs.10,000:
No change in capital.

11.    ………..ignores the outstanding income while preparing their income statement.

12.    Identify the odd one:
(A) Preliminary expenses    (B) Repairs and Maintenance    (C) Erection Expenses    (D) Establishment Expenses.
Ans: (B) Repairs and Maintenance.

13.    Before acceptance by the drawee a bill of exchange is known as :

14.    ……….is against the principle of convention of conservatism.
Provision for discount on creditors.

15.    The term …….is used to write off the value of lease hold properties.

16.    If direct material consumed is Rs.60,000. Direct Labour cost is Rs.20,000, Factory overheads expense is Rs.10,000, opening and closing work-in-progress are Rs.15,000 and Rs.18,000 respectively, then works cost will be…….

17.    Ram sends 50 table fans to Rahim costing Rs300 per table fan, to be sold at 20% above cost price. Sales will be ………….

18.    If the cash book does not contain discount columns, discount allowed and received will be passed through…………….

19.    …………is considered for the calculation of Captial Fund.
Subscription outstanding.

20.    Find the odd one:
(A) Dock dues        (B)Octrol    (C) Carriage    (D) Export duty.
Ans: (D) Export duty.

21.    2,5,11,17,23,………,41.

22.    0,5,22,57,116…………

23.    Which is the smallest number of six digits which is divisible by 111?

24.    What is 90% of 90% 100?

25.    333333 /1.1 =…….

26.    From a given point, how many tangents can be drawn to a circle?

27.    Ravi ranks 18th in a class of forty students. What is his rank from the last?

28.    If the time in a clock is 9 hours 20 minutes, what time does it shows on a mirror?
2 hours 40 min.


30.    Find the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock when the time is 7.20?

31.     If the progression 3, 20, 17,… and 63, 65, 67….. are such that their nth terms are equal, then the value of n is:

32.    How many three digit numbers are there in which all the digits are distinct?
(A) 648    (B)548        (C) 608    (D)508.

33.    A number when divided by 342 gives a remainder 47. When the same number is divided by 19, what should be the remainder?

34.    The angles of a triangle are in the ratio of 4:6:10. What is the value of the largest angle?

35.    The sum of numerator and denominator of a certain fraction is 11. If one is added to the numerator, the value of fraction becomes 1/2, the fraction is :

36.    The speed of a car is twice that of a truck. Both started from Palakkadu and reached Salem. If the truck took 3 hours more than the car, what was the time taken by the truck to reach at Salem?
6 hours.

37.    A farmer has 50 kg wheat in hand, part of which he sells at 8% profit and the rest at 18% profit. He gains 14% altogether. What is the quantity of wheat sold by him at 18% profit?

38.    The sum of two numbers is 2490. If 6.5% of one number is equal to 8.5% of other, then one of the number is :
39.    Weight of a cow and a buffalo are in the ratio of 4:5. Cow's weight increases by 10% and the total weight of cow and buffalo together becomes 82.8 kg, with an increase of 15%. By what percent does the weight of the buffalo increase?

40.    The least number of square tiles required to pave the floor of a room having length 11m 47 cm and 10m 36cm breadth is .......

41.    If the radius of a cylinder is doubled and the height is halved, what is the ratio between the new volume and previous volume?

42.    How many days will be there from January 1992 to April 1992?

43.    Area of square field is one hectare. What is the length of  the diagonal?

44.    A Chess board contains 64 equal squares and the area of each squares is 2.56 cm2  . Find the length of one side of the chess board?

45.    In how many ways can 5 persons be seated around a circular table in a meeting?

46.    Father is 4 times as old as his son, in 30 years he will be only twice as old as his son. Then the present age of the father is .......?
60 years.

47.    The length of a rectangle is increased by 20%. What will be the percentage decrease in its breadth so as to have the same area?
16 2/3.

48.    The average of 11 results is 60. If the average of the first 6 result is 59 and that of the last six is 62, find the sixth result?

49.    Six bells commence tolling together at regular intervals of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 seconds respectively. In 30 minutes, how many times, do they toll together?

50.    The average of the two digit numbers which remains the same when the digits interchange their positions.

51.    A school has only three classes comprised of 40, 50 and 60  students respectively. In these classes, 10%, 20% and 10% students respectively passed in the examinations. What is the percentage of students passed in the examination from the entire school?
13 1/3 %.

52.    The salary of a worker was first increased by 10% and thereafter decreased by 7%. What was the change in his salary?

53.    The sides of a triangle are in the ratio 1/2:1/3:1/4. If the perimeters is 117cm, find the length of the smallest side?

54.    Sasi and Soman agreed to a work for Rs.112. Sasi alone can do it in 7 days and Soman alone in 8 days. When the help of another man they can finish the work in 3 days, then what amount does the man get?

55.    A car  during its journey travels 30 minutes at the speed of 40 km/hr. another 45 minutes at the speed of 60 km /hr  and for two hours at a speed of 70 km/hr. Find the average speed of the car?

56.    Everybody in a room shake hands with one another. The total number of hands shakes is 66. The number of persons in the room is ........

57.    A mathematics paper consists of ten questions, which is divided into two parts, I and II, each part contains five questions each. A student is required to attempt six questions in all, taking at least two questions from each part. In how many ways can the student select the questions?

58.    In an election, involving two candidates, 132 votes were declared as invalid. The winning candidate got 54% of the votes and won by 192 votes. The total number of votes polled was  ........

59.    A vessel contains 10 litres of milk. First, 2 litres of the content are removed and replaced by 2 litres of water. Subesquently, 4 litres of vessel's contents is removed and replaced by 4 litres of water. Finally, 6 litres of vessel's contents is removed and replaced by 6 litres of water. What is the quantity of milk left in the vessel?
1.92 litres.

60.    In a club 70% members read English news papers and 75% members read Malayalam news papers, while 20% do not read both papers. If 325 members read both the news papers, then the total numbers in the club is .........?

61.    'Holly Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion and Pure Madness' is a book written by:
Gail Tredwell.

62.    Who has been named People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA) Person of the year?
Shashi Tharoor.

63.    Sree Narayana Guru died in the year:

64.    Before 'Quit India' movement, the British government made a plan to imprison Gandhiji and other Congress leaders. The plan was known as :
Operation Zero Hour.

65.    Who emerged champion of the Australian Open Women's Singles 2014 title?
Li Na.

66.    Which Indian leader was dismissed by the British from the Indian Civil Service?
Surendranath Banerji.

67.    The watershed between India and Myanmar is formed by:
The Naga Hills.

68.    Name the first woman head of the State Bank of India?
Arundathi Bhattacharya.

69.    Kautilya's Arthasastra refers to the river 'Churni' as one of the places in India where pearls could be found. Identify the river?

70.    Who represented India at the 22nd Commonwealth Heads of Government meet in Colombo?
Salman Khurshid.

71.    Name the first moon rover mission of China, which is the world's third lunar rover mission following the US and the former Soviet Union decades ago:

72.    Bander Seri Begawan is the capital of :

73.    The country which decided to withdraw from the Commonwealth calling it neo-colonist:

74.    The  birth place of Ayyankali?

75.    Name the Prime Minister of India, the only head of the government, who took part in the first international environment conference organised by the UN?
Indira Gandhi.

76.    The UNESCO has declared India's Nicobar Islands is :
A World Biosphere Reserve.

77.    Arakan Yoma is the extension of the Himalayas located in:

78.    Name the author of the book titled 1283:

79.    During the Indian freedom struggle who among the following started a magazine 'The Indian Sociologist'?
Surya Sen.

Surya Sen was a Bengali independence fighter (against British rule) who is noted for leading the 1930 Chittagong armoury raid In Chittagong of Bengal in British India (now in Bangladesh). Sen was a school teacher by profession and was popularly called as Master Da ("da" is a suffix in Bengali language denoting elder brother). In 1918 he was selected as president of Indian National Congress, Chittagong branch.

80.    "In this instance we would not play off the Mohammadans against the Hindus". To which events did this remark of Aitchson relate?
Revolt of 1857.

81.    A ring road..............around the city.
is being built.

82.    You are very arrogant. It is high time you.........that you are not the most important person in the world.

83.    He is one of the best actors that...........ever lived.

84.    'Let the guards be armed', he ordered. (Choose the most appropriate indirect speech).
He ordered that the guards should be armed.

85.    Choose the correct sentence from  the following :
(A) Ancient  India was largely indebted to Iranian ideas and practices.
(B) Ancient  India was largely indebted by Iranian ideas and practices.
(C) Ancient  India was largely indebted with Iranian ideas and practices.
(D) Ancient  India was largely indebted in Iranian ideas and practices.
Ans: (A) Ancient  India was largely indebted to Iranian ideas and practices.

86.    The meaning of the idiom "to cook somebody's goose" is :
ensure that somebody fails.

87.    Choose the best antonym of OBLITERATE:
(A) exculpate    (B)forge    (C) abhorrent    (D)None of these.

88.    What we do call a group of dolphins?
a pod.

89.    What is the feminine gender of 'ram'?

90.    Choose the best synonym for DOCILE:
(A)gentle    (B) puzzle    (C) stupid    (D) stubborn.

91.    An accounting system which presents the Balance sheet into two parts is called:
Double Accounting.

92.    Voyage Account is ............account:

93.    In self balancing Bought Ledger Adjustment Account is opened in ............
General ledger.

94.    Manufacturing Account is prepared to find out................
Cost of good produced.

95.    The amount paid to an author for the use of copy right is called...........

96.    ...............refer to the amount spent on fuel, coal, diesel and fresh water used for the purpose of voyage.
Bunker coast.

97.    Where the loss of an asset has been identified y the bank, but the amount has not been written off wholly or partly is known as ...........
Loss Asset.

98.    Under inflationary condition............method will show highest value of closing stock.

99.    Anil drew a bill on Binil for RS.30,000 for three months. Proceeds are to be shared equally. A got the bill discounted  @12% per annum and remits the required proceeds to 'B'. The amount of such remittance will be....................

100.    During the year 2013 a business concern earned a net profit of Rs.42,000. The manager is entitled to a commission of 5 % of the net profit. Find the amount of the commission so charged.
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