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Monday, 28 July 2014


1.    Funds for maintenance expenditure fall under:
Category C

2.    The women component required in Social Audit Committee in LSGIs is:
½ of the total strength.

3.    For the purpose of the calculation T.A, Grama Panchayat members are considered as:
Class II (a).

4.    From which date was the guidelines for the procurement of Good and Services in LSGIs introduced:

5.    What type of a committee meeting is required to be held in a Panchayath for considering a draft budget?
Special meeting.

6.    Draft budget of a Panchayath shall be presented before the Panchayath Committee for approval by:
The Vice President.

7.    What is the rate of centage charge payable, if a Grama Panchayat obtains Technical Sanction from a Municipal Engineer?
0.75% of the approved estimate amount.

8.    ……..means a quantitative estimate of programmes and activities expressed in terms of money in respect of Incomes, Expenditures, Liabilities and Assets anticipated for the relevant financial year.

9.    ………..… means a document which serves as an authorization for any financial transaction.

10.    Computer generated cash receipts shall be issued, where accounting is through………... software.
11.    ……….means all articles and materials (other than cash and documents) which come into the possession of a Government Servant for use in the public service.

12.    …………. is the authority empowered to accord Administrative Sanction for the purchase of items of stores exceeding Rs.10000 but below Rs.20000, other than those included in Appendix II of the Store purchase Rules:
The director of Printing and Stationary.

13.    As per Store Purchase Rules tender should be invited, if the estimated value of stores to be purchased is …………..or above.

14.    As per Store Purchase Rules ……….tender system may be adopted whenever the estimated value of the order to be given is less than Rs.20000/-?
Limited Tender.

15.    What is the minimum percentage of EMD required for the supply of stores?

16.    Government purchase policy generally permits a price performance up to 15% or even up to ……….. % or even higher in special circumstances for indigenous products over imported stores.

17.    All purchases costing below …………. will be exempted from the requirement of security deposit.

18.    In the case of purchases costing above…………the purchasing officer shall forward a draft agreement to the firm along with the supply order directing that the consignment need be sent only after executing agreement.

19.    What is the period up to which an agreement related to stores purchased, other than plant and machinery needs be kept undestroyed?
10 years.

20.    In the case of articles which cannot be stocked conveniently in the departmental store, the system of ……….. contract should be adopted.

21.    What shall be the strength of a beneficiary committee formed for the execution of public work?
7 to 15.

22.    Which standing committee deals with matters relating to public work?
Standing committee for Development.

23.    A successful bidder on a tendered public work is bound to deposit a security at the rate of ………of the PAC.

24.    Who is liable to inform a Grama Sabha the summary of public work executed in the Block Panchayat of the area?
The Block Panchayat member concerned.

25.    The minimum rate required as EMD in public works taken by PRI s is:
2 ½ % of the PAC.

26.    The estimates prepared for public works shall be in the form prescribed in :
The Public works code.

27.    As far as possible 5% of the works, the estimate of which exceeds ……….. shall be test checked by Executive Engineer.
Rs.6 Lakhs.

28.    What is the time limit within the final payment shall be made to a contractor of a public work after its measurement?
2 weeks.

29.    What is the maximum mobilization advance payable to the convener of a beneficiary committee to commence a public work?
25% of the estimate cost not exceeding Rs.100000.

30.    Public works are tendered in Grama Panchayats on the order of :

31.    A preliminary agreement shall be enclosed along with tender for public works, when estimate exceeds:

32.    When the estimate of a public work does not exceed ……… it can be arranged by short tender quotation.

33.    What is the procedure to be followed when sufficient numbers of tenders are not received to a public work?
The work shall be retendered.

34.    When execution of public work does not need much skill, what mode shall be given priority?
Beneficiary committee.

35.    Meeting of beneficiaries for forming a beneficiary committee to take up and execute a public work is to be convened by:
The implementing officer.

36.    What is the procedure to be followed by a Grama Panchayat for purchasing furniture for Rs.40000 as per the Procurement procedures?
Limited Tender.

37.    How will the beneficiary committee for a LP school building maintenance work be formed?
The school PTA can be considered as a beneficiary committee.

38.    When was the guideline for procurement of Goods and Services in LSGIs introduced?

39.    As per the procurement guidelines what method of purchase should be adopted when a Grama Panchayat intends to purchase electrical goods for Rs.20000?
Local shopping.

40.    As per procurement guidelines what is the strength fixed for the Purchase committee of a Grama Panchayat?

41.    Which of the following falls under debt head?
(A) Advance     (B) Interest    (C) Fine    (D) Librarycess.
Ans: Librarycess.
42.    Which is the mismatch among the following?
(A) Supplementary nutrition-Anganvadi.
(B) Transferred Institution –Village Office
(C) Crop Incentive-Krishibhabhavan.
(D) Palliative care-PHC
Ans: Transferred Institution –Village Office

43.    Name the schedule in which the functions of Grama Panchayat are enlisted in the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act, 1994?
Third Schedule.

44.    Pre-metric hostels for SC students are transferred to ……… Panchayat.
Block Panchayat.

45.    Who is the authority to grant casual leave to Agricultural Officer of Krishibhavan?
Grama Panchayat President.

46.    The Government officers and employees lent to Panchayats shall be considered as …………as per rules.
Panchayat Employees.

47.    The tender validity in respect of quotations for the procurement of goods by LSGIs is generally ……. Days.

48.    What is the notice time required, as per the procurement guidelines in the case of a limited tender?
14 days.

49.    Which of the following statement is the one you agree with, in relation to procurement of goods in Grama Panchayats?
(A) Specifications in the tender notice shall be based on relevant characteristics.
(B) Reference to brand names shall be avoided in the notice.
(C) A and B are wrong
(D) A and B are right.
Ans: (D) A and B are right.

50.    The procurement Team establish in every Grama Panchayat is led by:

51.    Which among the following is a punishment that cannot be imposed by a Panchayat on employees working under it?
(A) Recovery of amount from salary
(B) Temporary withholding of promotion.
(C) Increment barring with cumulative effect
(D) Increment barring without cumulative effect.
Ans: Increment barring with cumulative effect.

52.    The transfer if functions, functionaries and funds by Government to LSGIs is generally termed as:

53.    What is the quorum of the Managing Committee for public Health Institutions?
½ of the total strength.

54.    ……… means a group of subsidiary accounts, the sum of the balances of which is equal to the balance of control accounts in the General Ledger.

55.    The responsibility of exercising budgetary control in a Grama Panchayat shall lie with:
The secretary and Accountant.

56.    Which is the institution in which the Panchayat fund cannot be deposited?
Post office.

57.    What is the software deployed in Grama Panchayats for accounting purposes?

58.    The business hours of cash transaction in Grama Panchayats shall be………….on all working days.
10AM-3 PM.

59.    What does S.212 of the Kerala Panchayat Raj Ac, 1994 deal with?
Panchayat Fund.

60.    Who is duty bound to get bank/treasury statement at the end of each month and to confirm that remittances have been fully credited?

61.    Which one among the following is a lapsable fund?
(A) Category D Fund    (B) Category A Fund    (C) Category B fund    (D) Category C Fund.
Ans: (C) Category B fund.

62.    What is the form of the bill used to draw Category A fund from treasury?
T.R.59 B

63.    Who is to place the monthly statement of receipts and payments before the Panchayat Committee, every month?
T.R.59 B

64.    What is the time………..limit with in which a rectification report shall be given by a Panchayat to the auditor?
Within 2 months from the date of receipt of the audit report.

65.    The period of validity of a tender is generally:
90 days.

66.    The T.A. bills of Panchayat members are to be scrutinized and passed by:
The Panchayat President.

67.    The limit up to which a president of Grama Panchayat can incur expenditure on an item of recognised contingencies at a time is :

68.    When a misappropriation of Panchayat fund is discovered by the secretary, to whom shall be report the same?
President Police Government and the auditor.

69.    Public works up to which amount can be executed through Beneficiary committees?
15 lakhs.

70.    Which is the authority competent to accept tender on a public work in a Panchayat?
Panchayat Committee

71.    The accounting system followed in Panchayats is :
Double entry system of book keeping.

72.    …………….means the annual financial statements and other statements prescribed under Rule 65 of Kerala Panchayat Raj (Accounts) Rules, 2011?
Annual report.
73.    What is the capital expenditure?
Expenditure intended to benefit future period.

74.    Of the following which is not a book of Accounts maintained in Grama Panchayats?
(A) Cash Book    (B) Bank Book    (C) Asset Register    (D) Journal Book.
Ans: Asset Register.

75.    Offering, giving, receiving or soliciting directly or indirectly of anything of value, to influence improperly the actions of another party constitutes:
Corrupt practice.

76.    Entries which do not involve cash or bank/treasury accounts shall be recorded in the:
Journal Book.

77.    What shall be indicated on a receipt issued towards receipt of cheque/demand draft by Grama Panchayats?
Subject to realization.

78.    Tangible objects or intangible rights owned by a Panchayat or designed or transferred to a Panchayat and carrying probable future benefits are called:

79.    Each Ex officio Secretary/Implementing Officer of a Grama Panchayat shall furnish to the Secretary a statement of expenditure incurred by him out of the allotment received by him before the……….. of the subsequent month.

80.    Bills and Vouchers, in original, are required to be attached to bills, only if the expenditure exceeds:

81.    What is the condition in which Cash Book and Bank Book are maintained in the same registry?
When the account books are maintained manually.

82.    Who is duty bound to ensure the proper remittance of Cash, Cheques and demand drafts to the treasury/bank?

83.    When was the new Accounting System introduced as per G.O. (MS) No.83/2011/LSGD dt 28-03-2011 come into force in Grama Panchayats?

84.    Closing of ledger accounts shall be carried out at the end of :
Every month.

85.    Of the following, which procedure needs be carried out only at the end of every financial year in Grama Panchayats?
Physical verification and reconciliation of stock.

86.    The Secretary of Grama Panchayat shall place a statement of receipts and payment before the Standing Committee for Finance not later than………. of the subsequent month:

87.    What is the time limit prescribed for the submission of the Annual Financial Statement of Grama Panchayats to the auditor, as per G.O(MS) No.83/2011/LSGD dt 28/03/2011?
Before 15th May of the succeeding year.

88.    Who is competent to authorize payment from Panchayat Fund?

89.    What is the procedure to be followed when a cheque is cancelled?
It shall be retained with counterfoil.

90.    When shall the secretary publish the Annual report under S.215 (15) of the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act, 1994?
Not later than 10th November of the succeeding year.

91.    ……… responsible for submitting the A.F.S to the Audit, in respect of Grama Panchayat?

92.    Who is the State Performance Audit Authority?
The Secretary, LSGD.

93.    Which authority is entrusted to consolidate the annual budgets of Grama Panchayats in a district?
The District Panchayat.

94.    Performance Audit shall be conducted in ………..months.

95.    ……….does not form part of Panchayats Fund?
Security deposit.

96.    The time limit for issuing a surcharge certificate is …………. from the date of the irregular expenditure.
4 years.

97.    Which is the authority to conduct a special audit in a Grama Panchayat?
Local Fund Audit.

98.    The time limit within which the Auditor shall return the AFS. Submitted if found defective is :
One week.

99.    The State performance Audit Officer is appointed by:
The Government.

100.    A charged amount is recovered from the liable as if it were:
Arrears of land revenue.
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