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Tuesday, 21 January 2014


1)    A Junior Superintendent drawing a basic pay of Rs.18,740/- availed Half Pay Leave from 01.04.2012 to 30.04.2012.  What is the amount admissible to him as Dearness Allowance for the month, if the rate of D.A is 38% of Basic Pay:

2)    A Selection Grade Assistant in Govt. Secretariat is on earned leave from 01.07.2012 to 31.12.2012.  What is the amount of HRA admissible to him for the month of December, 2012, if the rate of HRA is Rs.1,050/- per month:

3)    A permanent Additional Secretary to Government drawing a special pay of Rs.900 per month in lieu of higher time scale of pay is on commuted leave for the month of June, 2012.  Is he eligible for special pay during the period of leave:
Ans. he is eligible for Special Pay as he holds a permanent part of Addl. Secretary.

4)    What is the number of days of Half Pay Leave at the credit of an Assistant Engineer in PWD on the A.N of 28.12.12, if he entered Govt.Service on 01.03.2007 and availed leave not due from 01.02.2012 to 10.02.12?
 Ans.10 days

5)    A Junior Supdt. who entered Govt. Service on 15.07.1990 was on Half Pay Leave from 01.07.2012 to 31.08.12.  The balance Half Pay Leave at his credit on 01.07.2012 after deducting the above leave was 45 days.  He was suspended from service with effect from 01.08.2012 F.N. What is the number of days of Half Pay Leave at his credit on 01.08.2012F.N?  
Ans.96 days.

6)    The authority to grant a pre-nature increment to an officer is:
Ans.The Government.

7)    An under Secretary to Government is promoted as Deputy Secretary on 01.09.2009 and as Joint Secretary from 01.06.2012. He is eligible for special pay in lieu of Higher Time Scale of Pay as Deputy Secretary and Joint Secretary.  For fixation of pay in the post of Joint Secretary:
Ans. Special pay will not be added to basic pay as he has not got the required service as Deputy Secretary.

8)    The wife of a peon in Revenue Dept. was undergoing treatment in a hospital for six months.  In the absence of eligible leave, he was on leave without allowance from 01.01.2012 to 30.06.2012 to attend to his wife in the hospital.  He has represented to grant him the next increment on the due date of 01.08.2012 itself, even though he was on LWA for six months, considering his very difficult financial position.  His requested can only be granted by:
Ans.The Government.

9)    An L.D.C appointed on the advice of KPSC, was admitted to duty in Collectorate, Kannur on 01.05.2012 F.N.  She applied for Maternity Leave, with a Medical Certificate to the effect that she delivered a child on 01.03.2012.  What is the date on which she has to report for duty after availing the maximum eligible Maternity Leave:

10)    An L.D.Typist in Taluk Office, Kasaragod applied for Maternity Leave from 01.03.2012.  In continuation of Maternity Leave she applied for earned Leave for the maximum period that can be granted without production of Medical Certificate. What is the date on which she has to report for duty on expiry of earned leave:

11)    An Assistant Surgeon working in Kollam District, resigned from service, to take up  a private employment with higher monetary benefits.  Who is the officer competent to accept the resignation:
Ans.Appointing Authority.

12)    A Junior Superintendent was promoted as Senior Supdt. on 01.07.2012 was subsequently given notional effect of promotion with retrospective effect from 01.01.2010, on the basis of revision of seniority.  His eligibility of arrears of salary for the period of notional promotion is:
Ans. not eligible for arrear salary.

13)    An Asst. Engineer in PWD requests for permission to work on a part- time basis in a private firm, in addition to his normal duties. His request can be granted by:
Ans.The Government.

14)    A Senior Superintendent in Collectorate, Thrissur is drawing a basic pay of Rs.33,680/- is put in full additional charge of a Deputy Collector drawing a basic pay of Rs.37,040/- in the scale of pay of Rs.22,360-37,940  for one month.  What is the amount of special allowance admissible to him:

15)    An officer drawing a basic pay of Rs.18,740/- was on suspension for one month.  What is the amount of D.A due to him for the period of Suspension in addition to half of the basic pay? (The rate of D.A is 45%):

16)    The Govt. have decided that the exigencies of Public Services requires not to grant leave to Medical Officers.  Who is the authority competent to refuse leave application in such circumstances?
Ans.The authority empowered to grant leave.

17)    A Gazetted Officer drawing a basic pay of Rs.48,640/- with effect from 01.04.2011 in the scale of pay of Rs.40,640-1000-48640-1100-57440 retired on 31.03.2012.  He was reappointed in the same post for one year from 01.04.2012.  What will be his basic pay on 01.04.2012?
(A)Rs.48,640 (B) Rs.49,740 (C) Rs.40,640/-(D) None of the above.
Ans: none of the above


19)    An U.D.Clerk drawing a basic pay of Rs.18,740/- in the scale of pay of Rs.13,210-22,360 is reverted as L.D.Clerk in the scale of pay of Rs.9,940 – 16,580, as a penalty in connection with a disciplinary case.  The basic pay eligible to him an reversion is:
Ans: any pay not exceeding of Rs.16,580/-

20)    An Inspector of Police in put in full additional charge of Deputy Supdt. of Police for one month.  He will be eligible for special allowance at the rate of:
Ans.6% of the minimum of the scale of pay of the Dy.S.P.

21)    A Peon was on suspension from 01.04.2012 to 31.07.2012, pending disciplinary action.  Later the period of suspension was ordered to be treated as L.W.A, in the absence of eligible leave.  The subsistence allowance received during the period of suspension:

Ans.need not be recovered as the period of absence is treated as LWA in the absence of eligible leave.
22)    An Officer was granted Half Pay Leave for 15 days with permission to prefix two holidays and suffix one holiday.  Leave Salary at the rates applicable for Half Pay leave will be applicable for:
Ans.15 days of HPL only

23)    A Tahsildar who entered Govt. Service on 01.07.1980 is due to retire from service on Superannuation on 30.06.2012.  He applied for leave not due for 15 days from 16.06.2012.  What is the action to be taken by the leave sanctioning authority?
Ans: the leave should be granted.

24)    Commuted Leave can be granted only to an officer:
(A) In permanent employment    (B) who has completed probation in the entry post (C) who has completed three years continuous service. (D) Both (A) and (C) are correct
Ans: D.Both (A) and (C) are correct.

25)    A Last grade Employee entered Govt. Service on 31.05.2003 F.N and retired on 31.05.2012 A.N, on completion of 56 years of age.  During the period of service, in addition to eligible leave, he was on special disability leave from 15.07.2009 to 30.04.2010.  He is eligible for:
Ans:Superannuation Pension.

26)    A Forest Guard in Forest Dept. is not eligible for Hospital Leave, if his pay exceeds: 

27)    When an officer on Foreign Service is reverted to Govt. Service, his pay and allowances will be paid by the State Govt. from the:
Ans: day following the date of reversion.

28)    An Addl.Director of Health Services was promoted as Director of Health Services, with effect from 01.01.2010 and his pay was fixed as Rs.59,840/- in the scale of pay of Rs.48,640 – 1100 – 57440 – 1200 – 59840.What will be his basic pay on 01.01.2012?
Ans: Rs.59,840/-

29)    A Joint Secretary to Government on deputation to KSRTC, Trivandrum is appointed on deputation to a Govt. owned company at Ernakulam.  His transfer T.A will be paid by:
Ans: .KSRTC.

30)    A Deputy Secretary to Govt. can be transferred to Foreign Service without his consent, of the appointment is to:
(A) KSRTC (B) KSEB (C) A Govt Owned company  (D) (A), (B) and (C) are correct.
Ans: D.

31)    A Professor, Govt. Arts College, Trivandrum is transferred to the Govt. College, Thrissur.  He avails the maximum joining time.  The minimum number of days in between the date of relief from Trivandrum, and the date of assuming charge at Thrissur will be:

32)    Child Adoption Leave will be granted to eligible  adaptive mothers for a maximum of:
Ans: 180 days.

33)    A Police Constable with four years of Service and who has no eligible leave at his credit on 01.01.2011 F.N was on Hospital Leave from 01.01.2011 to 20.03.2011.  The maximum earned leave at his credit on 31.03.2011 is:
Ans: One day.

34)    An Executive Engineer applied for LWA for 122 days from 01.07.2012.  The leave can be granted by:
Ans.The authority Empowered by Govt.

35)    When the academic year of Educational Institutions under the DPI is extended beyond 31st March in any year, the date of retirement of Teachers continuing beyond the date of superannuation is:
Ans: the last day of last month of academic year.

36)    Deduction in respect of the following can be made from the subsistence allowance, with the consent of the suspended officer:
Ans: refund of advances taken from GPF.

37)    An Under Secretary (HG) in advocate General Office, drawing a basic pay of Rs.40,640/- from 01.07.2011 was promoted as Deputy Secretary, with effect from 01.07.2012 on Rs.40,640-1000-48640-1100-57440. What is his basic pay on 01.07.2012 as Deputy Secretary?

38)    A regular Junior Supdt.drawing a basic pay of Rs.18,740/- in the scale of pay of Rs.16,180-400-16980-440-18740-50-21240-560-24040-620-27140-680-29180, from 01.09.2011, was provisionally appointed to a post having identical time-scale of pay of Junior Supdt.from 01.01.2012. His pay on 01.01.2012 will be fixed as:

39)     The Govt. have permitted a Junior Supdt. in Collectorate, Wayanad to draw T.A for his journey to Kozhikode to appear for the written test to be held by KPSC for selection of Deputy Collector in Revenue Dept. his eligibility for T.A is:
Ans: At the same rates as if he is on tour, excluding daily allowances for halts.

40)    A pensioner who is a permanent resident of Malappuram, is reappointed by the Govt. at Trivandrum, and permitted him to draw T.A.  His eligibility for T.A is:
An: T.A for a journey on tour, excluding daily allowances for halt.

41)    A professor of Govt. College, Thrissur is transferred to Trivandrum on 28.08.2011.  His wife, a High School Headmistress, is transferred from Thrissur to Trivandrum on 31.08.2011.  How can they claim transfer T.A?
Ans: Both of them claim T.A separately.

42)    A Police Constable employed at Kollam who is an accused in a criminal case is directed to appear at Trivandrum in connection with the case.  For his journey from Kollam to Trivandrum and back:
Ans: He is not eligible for T.A

43)    A grade I Officer of Collectorate, Kollam on tour, reached Trivandrum at 10.00 PM on 15.11.2012.  He left Trivandrum at 4.00 am on 17.11.2012.  He was on halt at Kanniakumari from 6.00 am on 17.11.2012 to 12.00 noon on 19.12.2012.  His total daily allowance for halts is:
(A) Rs.500    (B)Rs.900    (C)Rs.600    (D) None of the above.
Ans: D.

44)    A Gr-I Officer in District Police Office, Kollam left at 8.00 am on 19.06.2012 in a departmental vehicle and reached Kottarakkara at 9.00am.  On completion of official duties, he left Kottarakkara at 9.00pm and reached Kollam at 10.00pm on the same day.  What is the amount of T.A admissible to him:

45)    A Sub Inspector of Police at Trivandrum on Leave Without Allowances is permitted to reside at Alappuzha.  In connection with a departmental enquiry, in which he is an accused officer, he is directed to appear at Trivandrum.  His eligibility for T.A is:
Ans: He is not eligible for T.A.

46)    An officer working at Kozhikode was deputed to Trivandrum for a training for four months.  His eligibility for T.A is:
Ans: transfer T.A.

47)    A Gr-I Officer at Kasaragod died in service on 01.07.2012. His family traveled to Trivandrum on the same day and settled at Trivandrum.  The T.A for their journey can be claimed:
Ans: immediately after the journey is over.

48)    Gr-I Officers are those drawing a basic pay of:
Ans.Rs.25,280/- and above

49)    Re-employed pensioners, drawing pension in addition to pay and allowances, will be classified for the purpose of T.A :
Ans: on the basis of basic pay and pension.

50)    The different kinds of T.A does not include:
Ans. Dearness Allowance.

51)    The permanent T.A of an officer if fixed as Rs.500 per month for which he should be on tour for at least 15 days a month.  What is the amount of P.T.A for which he is eligible for June, 2012, if he was on tour for only 12 days?

52)    For Journeys by Railway, the class of accommodation for which a Gr-I Officer is eligible is:
 Ans. IInd AC.

53)    A Gr-II (A) Officer who is on tour at Chennai is eligible for a Daily Allowance of :

54)    A Gr-I Officer with head quarters at Trivandrum was on tour continuously for 25 days at Ernakulam, out of which he had to tour at Kozhikode for 6 days continuously, after which he continued his tour at Ernakulam for the last 9 days of tour. For how many days he will get full Daily Allowance for halts?
Ans: For the entire period of halt at Ernakulam/Kozhikode

55)    A Peon in Govt. Secretariat, Trivandrum on tour reached Kollam at 9.00 am on 01.07.2012, left Kollam at 3.30pm on the same day and reached Alappuzha at 5.00pm.  After completion of official duties at Alappuzha, he left at 12.00 noon on 02.07.12 and reached Trivandrum at 4.00 pm on the same day.  His eligibility for D.A for halts at Kollam and Alappuzha is:
Ans.1 1/2 D.A

56)    A Junior Supdt. in the office of a Head of Dept. in Trivandrum was on official duty at Ernakulam on 01.07.2012 and 2.7.2012. He reached Ernakulam at 09.15 am on 30.06.2012 and left Ernakulam at 5.30 pm on 03.07.2012.  His Superior Officer who verified his Tour Diary pointed out that he halted at Ernakulam for unusually long time.  Who is the authority to disallow excess claim for Daily Allowance for halts?
Ans: Controlling Officer.

57)    A Deputy Collector, Collectorate, Trivandrum was transferred to Collectorate, Malappuram by an order dated 01.01.2012.  He handed over change at Trivandrum on 04.01.2012 A.N and assumed charge at Malappuram on 13.01.2012 F.N.  His family will be eligible for transfer T.A treating them as accompanying him, only if they travel to Malappuram.
Ans: on or before 12.07.2012.

58)    A Deputy Secretary to Govt. is due to retire from service on 31.07.2012.  He proposes to settle down at Palakkad, and the Govt. was informed of it sufficiently early.  For his journey to Palakkad with family, he will get:
Ans: transfer T.A for him and family members.

59)    A Deputy Supdt. of Police was transferred from Trivandrum to Palakkad.  When he reached Palakkad with Family, but before assuming charge he received another order canceling his transfer to Palakkad and posting him to Kottayam.  His eligibility for T.A is:
Ans: transfer T.A from Trivandrum to Palakkad and from Palakkad to Kottayam

60)    A Gr-II Officer is transferred from Attingal to Punalur.  The Maximum eligible amount for packing and loading/unloading of personal effects at each end is:

61)    A retired Gr-II Officer residing at Kayamkulam was reappointed as Gr-I Officer at Parassala.  His eligibility for T.A is:
Ans: Tour T.A for Gr-I Officer excluding D.A for halt.

62)    An Officer working at Alappuzha was suspended from service and allowed to reside at Pattambi.  On reinstatement in services he was posted at Pattambi.  What will be his eligibility T.A?
Ans: not eligible for T.A.

63)    A member of the personal staff, irrespective of the Grade will be allowed to accompany the journey by Air of the following persons except:
Ans: Leader of opposition.

64)    A last grade servant drawing a basic pay of Rs.11,620/- was transferred from Karunagappally to Sultan Bathery.  As part of his transfer T.A he is eligible for the actual cost of transportation of personal effects upto a maximum of:

65)    The Village Officer, Neyyattinkara left his office at 3.00 pm on 28.05.2012 and reached Collectorate, Trivandrum (25km away) at 4.00 pm.  After completing his official duties, he left Trivandrum at 10.30 pm and reached Neyyattinkara at 11.30pm.  On 29.05.2012, he again left Neyyattinkara at 8.00 am and reached Collectorate, Trivandrum at 9.00am.  After attending a conference he left at 2.45 pm and reached Neyyattinkara at 4.00 pm.  His eligibility for D.A for halt on tour on the two days together is:
Ans: 1/2 D.A

66)    A pensioner died on 28.12.2012. What is the date from which his wife is eligible for Family Pension?
Ans: from 01.03.2012.

67)    A last Grade employee entered Govt. Service on 28.02.2002 F.N. and retired from service on 28.02.2011 A.N.  He was drawing a basic pay of Rs.12,550 from 01.05.2010.  What is the amount of monthly pension he will get?

68)    A Peon who was drawing a basic pay of Rs.12,880 in the scale of pay of Rs.8730-13540 retired from service on 30.06.2012.  He was drawing a monthly pension of Rs.4,500/- He died on 15.07.2012.  What is the amount of monthly Family Pension eligible to his wife?

69)    A retired principal of an Aided College has got 28 years of service in the college.  He has also got 4 years service under the Govt. Colleges prior to entry in the aided college.  His total qualifying service is:
Ans: 30 years for pension and 32 years for DCRG.

70)    A retired Headmaster of an aided High School has got 25 years of service including service as a Teacher.  Prior to that he has got six years regular service as a Peon in a Govt. Dept. His total qualifying service is:
Ans: 30 years for pension and 31 years for DCRG.

71)    What is the period upto which anticipatory pension shall be paid:
Ans: for six months but can be extended by the Audit Officer for such period as he may consider necessary.

72)    The eligibility of reemployed of pensioners for increments is:
Ans: eligible for annual increments, but stagnation increments will not be given .

73)    A Police Head Constable entered service on 01.04.1985 F.N.  He was born on 15.07.1961.  Due to some mental disability certified by a duly constituted medical board, he was retired from service on invalid pension on 31.07.2008 A.N.  His qualifying service for pension is:
Ans:28 years.

74)    A Health Inspector Gr-I in Health Services Dept. entered service on 01.07.1992.  He is on leave not due from 15.06.2012 to 30.06.2012.  He applied for voluntary retirement with effect from 30.06.2012 A.N. What is his eligibility for voluntary retirement:
Ans: He is eligible to retire on 30.06.2012.

75)    A pensioner died on 01.01.2012.  His wife is eligible for Family Pension with effect from:

76)    An L.D.Clerk with 5 years of regular service resigned from service on 31.12.1985 A.N. He entered service as Block Development Officer (as advised by KPSC) on 01.01.1986 F.N. He retired on superannuation on 31.03.2011 A.N.  What is his qualifying service for pension:
Ans: 30 years.

77)    A Joint Secretary, Govt. Secretariat. Trivandrum having 32 years of service retired on 30.04.2012.  He was drawing a basic pay of Rs.48,640 and special pay (in lieu of higher time of scale of pay) of Rs.500/- per month from 01.05.2011. What is his monthly pension?
Ans: Rs24,570/-

78)    A term “Average emoluments for pension” denotes:
Ans: the average calculated upon the last ten months of qualifying service.

79)    An Officer retired after 35 years of service.  His qualifying service is:
Ans.30 years for pension and 33 years for DCRG.

80)    A practicing advocate in the High Court was appointed as Legal Assistant in Law Dept. for which degree in law is an essential qualification.  He has got 15 years service on the date of retirement.  He also got 15 years practice at the bar.  What is his qualifying service for pension:
Ans:15 years.

81)    An officer died while in service. He has not made any nomination for payment of DCRG.  His family includes only his wife, married daughter of 27 years of age and a dependent unmarred brother aged 35 years.  Who will receive the DCRG?
Ans: wife

82)    If an officer drawing a basic pay of Rs.30,000 from 01.06.2011, retired on superannuation on 31.05.2012 with a qualifying service of 30 years and died on 30.06.2012, what will be the family pension admissible to his wife from 01.07.2012?

83)    A workshop attender in Industrial Training Dept. entered service on 29.02.2000 F.N and retired on 28.02.2009 A.N. What is the pension for which he is eligible?
Ans: superannuation pension.

84)    When a Govt. Servant retires from service before his pension is finally fixed, he may be granted?
Ans. Anticipatory Pension

85)    An occupational therapist in Health Services Dept on 01.04.2000 F.N and retired on superannuation on 31.03.2009A.N.  What is the pension for which he is eligible?
Ans: ex-gratia pension

86)    If a family pensioner dies, any arrears due to him may be paid to the person nominated as per rules:
Ans: without any fresh sanction.
87)    The Service Book of a retired Govt. Servant should be preserved for the period of:
Ans: 25 years.

88)    A last grade servant who entered service on 30.09.2000 F.N retired on 30.09.2009 A.N. He was drawing a basic pay of Rs.12,500 for the last one year.  What will be his monthly by superannuation pension?
Ans: Rs.4,500/-

89)    A Junior Supdt. in Irrigation Dept. who is born on 01.06.1945, retired service on superannuation.  He applied for commutation of maximum eligible pension on 30.05.2010.  It was sanctioned and reduced monthly pension was received from 01.08.2010 onwards.  What is the date from which the commuted portion of pension will be restored to him?
Ans: 01.08.2019

90)    Every Gazetted Officer should file a nomination conferring on one or more pension, the right to receive DCRG (if not paid before his death) to the Accountant General.  This nomination will take effect from:
Ans: the date it is received by the A.G.

91)    A Village Officer who was to retire on 31.07.2008 voluntarily retired from service on 30.04.2007 and commuted 40% of pension at the time of retirement.  He received the commuted value on 25.06.2007 and reduced pension from 01.07.2007 onwards.  What is the date on which the commuted portion will be restored to him:
Ans: 01.07.2020.

92)    A Deputy Collector, an Asst. Exe.Engineer, a Deputy Director and a Civil Surgeon retired on superannuation on 30.04.2012, after a qualifying service on 31, 32, 33& 34 years respectively, and all of them were receiving the same basic pay from 01.05.2011.  Choose the correct statement:
(A) the 4 officers will receive the same DCRG.
(B) the Deputy Director and Civil Surgeon will receive the same DCRG.
                  (C) no officer will receive the same DCRG received by the others.
(D) the civil surgeon will receive more DCRG than the other three officers.
Ans: the Deputy Director and Civil Surgeon will receive the same DCRG.

93)    A Last Grade employee who entered service on 10.01.1988, has 120 days of earned leave at his credit as on 31.12.2011 A.N.  He was placed under suspension from 15.01.2012.  He died on 02.02.2012, while under suspension.  What is number of earned leave at his credit at the time of death?
Ans:123 days.

94)    A Sales Tax Officer is on leave not due from 01.07.2010 to 31.07.2010.  He entered service on 31.12.1985F.N.  Half Pay Leave at his credit on 31.10.2012 is:
Ans: 9 days

95)    A confirmed L.D.Clerk in Taluk Office, Chengannur is on leave not due from 01.10.2012 to 15.10.2012.  The earned leave at his credit on 30.11.2012 will be:
Ans: more than 3 days

96)    A Candidate advised by KPSC is appointed as L.D.Compiler in a temporary post and admitted to duty on 01.01.2011 F.N.  What will be the number of days of earned leave in his account on 02.02.2012 A.N?
Ans: 20 days.

97)    An Officer who entered Govt. Service on 30.06.1982 F.N was due to retire from service on 30.06.2011. He was on leave not due for 20 days from 10.06.2011.  He died at 5.00 am on 30.06.2012.  What is his qualifying service for pension/DCRG?
Ans: 30 years for both pension and DCRG.

98)    What is the provision regarding counting of LWA under Rule 91A Part-I, KSR for increments?
Ans: it will be counted for increments subject to certain conditions.

99)    A Health Inspector working at Vizhinjam is transferred to Kannur.  The distance between Vizhinjam and Trivandrum is 15km, and that between Trivandrum and Kannur by train is 504 km.  He proposes to reside 10 km away from Kannur railway station.  What is the maximum number of days he will get for journey in addition to preparation time?
Ans: 4 days

100)    The following periods of service will not count for increments:
(A) Earned leave taken for more than one year continuously.
(B) half pay leave/commuted leave for more than one year, without medical   certificate.
(C) leave without allowances, without medical certificate for 45 days in continuation of maternity leave.
(D) LWA without medical certificate for 90 days.
      Ans: LWA without medical certificate for 90 days

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