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Sunday, 4 August 2013


DATE OF TEST-17-04-2013.

1.    Which of the following is not a combinational circuit?
(A) Comparator    (B) Multiplexer    (C) Adder    (D) Counter.
Ans: Counter.

2.    The number of select inputs required to design a full adder using decoder is :

3.    If Data input(D) , Select inputs(S0 & S1) and enable input (EN) of an active low output 1:4 demultiplexer, are all LOW, then its output will be:
All are high.

4.    If 

output of a D Flip Flop is connected to its Data input(D) , we get:


5.    A 12 KHz signal is applied to the CLK input of a 3-bit asynchronous counter, then  the frequency of signal at the last stage output is :
1.5 KHz.

6.    Select the data type which cannot be checked in switch-case statement :

7.    Which of the following is not a logical operator?
(A) &         (B) &&         (C) ||         (D) None of these.
Ans: &.

8.    Write the output of the following program segment:
char *s1=“abc”, *s2=“abd”, printf (“%d”, strcmp(s1, s2));

9.    Type of class that allows only one subject of it to be created:
Singleton class.

10.    Select the type of function which is not the member of class:
(A) Static function    (B) Friend Function    (C) Const Function    (D) Virtual Function.
Ans: Friend Function.

11.    Choose the correct statement:
(A) A constructor is called at the time of use of a class
(B) A constructor is called at the time of use of an object
(C) A constructor is called at the time of declaration of a class
(D) A constructor is called at the time of declaration of an object.
Ans: A constructor is called at the time of declaration of an object.

12.    Which of the following approach is adapted by C++?
(A) Top-down    (B) Bottom-up        (C) Right-left        (D) Left-right.
Ans: (B) Bottom-up.

13.    The correct class of the object  cout is :

14.    Which of the following problem causes an exception?
(A) A run-time error.         (B) A problem in calling function
(C) Missing semicolon in statement in main ()    (D) A Syntax error.
Ans: (A) A run-time error.

15.    Data members available only in the class hierarchy chain is :
Protected data members.

16.    Which of the following is a fixed table?
(A) Opcode table     (B) Symbol table    (C) Argument table    (D) Literal table
Ans: Opcode table.

17.    Which of the following is not a RISC machine?
(A) SPARC    (B) Cray T3E    (C) Intel 80 x 86    (D) Power PC.
Ans: (C) Intel 80 x 86.

18.    A Bootstrap loader is an example of :
Absolute loader.

19.    Parser is used for :
Syntax analysis.

20.    LTORG is used for:
Placing literal pool at the very next location.

21.    Which of the following is the meta model?
(A) Water fall model    (B) Prototyping model   
(C) RAD model    (D) Spiral model
Ans: (D) Spiral model.

22.    A system testing carried out by the test team within the developing organization is :
Alpha testing.

23.    In which level of SEI Capability Maturity Model both product and process metrices are defined:
Managed level.

24.    Constructive Cost Model for software cost estimation is introduced by :

25.    Set of activities for identifying, organizing and controlling modifications to the software being built by the programming team are called:
Software Configuration Management.

26.    A syntax directed definition that uses synthesized attributes exclusively is said to be:
S-attributed definition.

27.    Information needed by a single execution of a procedure is managed using a contiguous block of storage called:
Activation Record.

28.    The output of Lexical Analyzer is called:

29.    Which of the following is a Top down parser?
(A)Predictive parser    (B) Operator precedence parser
(C) Shift Reduce parser    (D) LR parser.
Ans: Predictive parser.

30.    Which of the following is not a code optimization technique?
(A) Dead code elimination    (B) Code motion   
(C) Copy propagation    (D) Back patching.
Ans: (D) Back patching.

31.    Which of the following is an approach to implementing Dynamic scope in storage allocation?
(A) Deep access    (B) Block access    (C) Access path    (D) None of the above.
Ans:  Deep Access.

32.    Which of the following is used to specify the syntactic structure of formal languages?
(A) Regular Grammar        (B) Context Sensitive Grammar   
(C) Context Free Grammar    (D) All of the above.
Ans: Context Free Grammar.

33.    The CYK parsing algorithm uses:
Bottom up parsing.

34.    Which of the following is a Parser generator tool?
(A) Lex    (B) Yacc    (C)Both (A) and (B)    (D) None of these.
Ans: Yacc.

35.    Externally defined symbols are resolved by:

36.    The process identifier of a null process:

37.    The instruction used to accomplish the effects of P and V in a dominant way in modern hardware:
Test and Set.

38.    VAD in memory management stands for:
Virtual Address Descriptor.

39.    Kernel object that will periodically signal your process that a given amount of time has elapsed:
Waitable timer.

40.    The two phase locking protocol ensures:

41.    A CPU register that is loaded with the length of a block of memory containing a program:
Limit Register.

42.    The process of splitting of data into equal size partition over multiple disks:
Data Stripping.

43.    The linear formula for I/O seek time, with n tracks and startup time s, where m is a constant depends on disk drive:
Ts= m*n+s.

44.    The situation where two or more processes are reading or writing some shared data and the result depends on who run precisely when is called:
Race condition.

45.    Two dimensional chart that plots the activity of a unit  on the Y-axis versus the time on the X- axis:
Gantt Chart.

46.    Which of the following is true about the time complexity O(n)?
(A) There are n number of statements in the algorithm.
(B)Computation time taken by the algorithm is proportional to n.
(C) Computation time taken by the algorithm is less than n seconds
(D) All of the above.
Ans: (B) Computation time taken by the algorithm is proportional to n.

47.    Which algorithm is used to search a given text for a particular keyword pattern and record the number of times the keyword or pattern is found?
Boyer Moore Algorithm.

48.    The general strategy in external sorting is to begin by sorting small batches of records from a file in internal memory. These small batches are commonly called:
(A) Run Lists    (B) Initial Runs    (C) Initial strings    (D) All of the above.
Ans: (D) All of the above.

49.    Worst case efficiency of sequential search algorithm is :

50.    Determine an upper bound on the recurrence T(n)=2T([n/2])+n:
T(n)=O(n log n).

51.    Average case complexity of a quick sort algorithm is :
O(n log n).

52.    Recursive algorithms are based on :
Top-down approach.

53.    The number of null branches for a binary tree with n nodes is:

54.    The complexity of Greedy algorithm for scheduling jobs with deadlines and profits:

55.    In a Max-heap algorithm, for every node i other than root:

56.    CPU register that holds the address of the instructions to be executed next:
Program counter.

57.    The DMA transfer technique where the transfer of one word data at a time:
Cycle stealing.

58.    What command is used to reset a MODEM when using the AT Command Set?

59.    Which of the following is a parallel communication standard?
(A) CAT 5    (B) RS 232    (C) RS 232 C        (D) None of the above.

Ans: (D) None of the above.

60.    Which of the following displays time-space flow of data through the pipeline?
(A) Performance Chart    (B) Datapath   
(C) Reservation Table        (D) None of the above.
Ans: Reservation Table.

61.    In Inkjet technology the droplets of ink are deflected by :
Multi directional nozzles.

62.    Number of clock cycles required to process N tasks in a K stage pipelined processor:

63.    The type of pipeline hazard created when the datapath hardware in the pipeline cannot support all of the overlapped instructions:
Structural hazard.

64.    Cache performance can be measured in terms of average access time using the formula:
Hit time + miss rate * miss penalty.

65.    Which of the following statement is wrong?
(A) Statically scheduled superscalar processors use out-of –order execution.
(B) Superscalar processors issue varying number of instructions per clock.
(C) VLIW processors issue fixed number of instructions per clock.
(D) Multiple issue processors allow multiple instructions to issue in a clock cycle.
Ans: Statically scheduled superscalar processors use out-of –order execution.

66.    Which type of cable run is most often associated with fibre optic cable?
Backbone cable.

67.    The type of connector used with twisted-pair networking cable in most business LANs:

68.    What characteristic of UTP cable helps to reduce the effects of interference?
The twisting of the wires in the cable.

69.    Which data communications standard provided broadband access in a wireless network?

70.    Which of the following is a characteristic of single-mode fiber-optic cable?
Generally uses lasers as the light source.

71.    Which of the physical topologies has the least likelihood of having a collision?

72.    What do you call a wireless access point that improves cellular reception inside a home or office building?

73.    What layer of OSI does the encryption/decryption?
Presentation Layer.

74.    What is the default port number of DNS?

75.    Which of the following networks uses software to establish a secure channel on the Internet for transmitting data?
(A) Secure Virtual Channel.    (B) Secure Public Network.   
(C) Virtual Public Network.    (D) Virtual Private Network.
Virtual Private Network.

76.    All the following hidden surface algorithms employ image space approach except?
(A) Back face removal    (B) Depth buffer removal
(D) Scan line method        (D) All of the above.
Ans: Back face removal.

77.    Random scan monitors are also referred to as:
(A) Vector display    (B) Stroke writing display
(C) Calligraphic display    (D) All of the above.
Ans: All of the above.

78.    Which of the following is not a video file extension?
(A) MP4    (B) JPG    (C) OT    (D) AVI
Ans: JPG.

79.    DAT is an acronym for:
Digital Audio Tape.

80.    In a rule-based system, procedural domain knowledge is in the form of :
Production Rules.

81.    An AI technique that allows computers to understand associations and relationships between objects and events is called:
Pattern matching.

82.    Command used in SQL to remove an index from the database:

83.    Which of the following is not a logical database structure?
(A) Relational    (B) Network    (C) Tree    (D) Chain.
Ans: Chain.

84.    The process of cleaning junk data is called:
Data purging.

85.    URL stands for:
Uniform Resource Locator.

86.    The logic statement ‘For all A there is no B such that p(A, B) is true’ can be expressed in predicate form as:

87.    Context Free Grammar is also called:
Type 2 grammar.

88.    Recursive languages can be recognized using:
Turing Machine.

89.    Which of the following languages cannot be generated by the grammar?
G= ({S}, {a, b}, S, P) where


(B) a    (C) ab    (D) aabb
Ans: (A).

90.    The language

is :
CFL but not Regular.

91.    In which part of Compiler, the concept of FSA is used?
Lexical analysis.

92.    Languages that can be recognized by FSA is called:
Regular languages.

93.    Languages of Type 1 grammars can be recognized  using:
Linear Bounded Automata.

94.    Which of the following languages over {0, 1, 2} is accepted by a deterministic PDA?

95.    If the start symbol S of a given CFG G is useless, then L(G) is :

96.    Decimal  equivalent of the signed binary number 11110101 in 1’s complement form is :

97.    Minimum number of AND gates required to implement the Boolean expression:
ABC’ +AB’C +A’BC is
 Ans: 2.

98.    Looping on a K-map always results in the elimination of :
Variables within the loop that appear in both complemented and uncomplemented form.

99.    In Boolean algebra, x+xy =x is called:
Absorption Law.

100.    The minimized SOP form of the logic function


is :
Y’ + X.Z’.

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