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Monday, 10 June 2013



1.    Which directory implementation is used in most operating systems?
Tree Directory structure.

2.    The Bankers algorithm is used:
(a) To prevent deadlock in operating systems.
(b) To detect deadlock in operating systems.
(c) To rectify a deadlocked state.
(d) none of the above.
Ans: None of the above.

3.    A thread:
Is a lightweight process where the context switching is low.

4.    High level abstraction over Semaphore ?

5.    In a tree structured file directory system:
Allows easy storage and retrieval of file names.

6.    Question deleted.

7.    Novell recently purchased the ……..flavour of Linux.

8.    The last member of the Windows 9X family.
Windows ME.

9.    Which operating system historically has a command-line interface?

10.    This operating system is expected to dominate the server marker?

11.    What is refined data?

12.    What is a relationship called when an association is maintained between two entities?

13.    Which of the following is a relational data integrity constraint?
(a)Referential integrity.(b)Entity integrity    (c)Transaction integrity(d)All of the above.
Ans: All of the above.

14.    Which of the following storage media supports only sequential access?
(a) Main Memory    (b)Magnetic disk    (c) Magnetic tape    (d) None of the above
Ans: Magnetic tape.

15.    Correspondence between various data elements can be represented using:

16.    Scheme which represent how data are organized in Physical data storage.
Internal schema.

17.    DASD stands for:
(a)Discrete application scanning device. (b)Discrete access storage device
(c) Double amplification switching device    (d)None of these.
Ans: None of these.

18.    Question deleted.

19.    Worm stands for:
Write Once Read Many.

20.    VSAM developed by:

21.    Question deleted.

22.    What does ‘B’ in B tree stands for:

23.    Which of the following is an example of dynamic hashing?
(a) Open address hashing    (b) Chain hashing (c) Linear hashing    (d)All of the above.
Linear hashing.

24.    Fetching and executions of one simple machine instruction time is :
CPU cycle.

25.    Insertion and updation of single bits or small groups of bits within a word is called:
Bit manipulation.

26.    How many address lines are needed to address each machine location in 2048X4 memory chip?
27.    Question Deleted.

28.    A storage area used to store data to compensate for the difference in speed at which the different units can handle data is:

29.    Question Deleted.

30.    The brain of any computer system is

31.    Latency time is :
Time to spin the needed data under head.

32.    Reading data is performed in magnetic disk by:
Read/write heads.

33.    A variable ‘X’ is called pointer if :
X can store only memory address.

34.    Frames from one LAN can be transmitted to another LAN via the device:

35.    Question deleted.

36.    Capacity of floppy disk.
(A) Single side density(B)Single side double density    (C)Both of the above.(D)None of the above.
Ans: Both of the above.

37.    Question Deleted.

38.    Which of the following is a two way list?
(A) Grounded header list.    (B) Circular header list.   
(C) Linked list with header & trailer header list.    (D) None of the above.
Ans: None of the above.

39.    Second generation computer were developed during.
1956 to 1965.

40.    The symbols used in assembly language are:

41.    Magnetic tape speed is measured in :
Inch per second.

42.    Which of the following data structure cannot store non homogeneous data elements?
(A) Arrays.    (B)Record    (C)List        (D)None.
Ans: Arrays.

43.    Which of the following will determine your choice of systems software for your computer?
(A)Is the applications software you want to use compatible with it?
(B)  Is it expensive?
(C) Is it compatible with your hardware?
(D) Both (A) and (C).
 Ans: Both(A) and (C).

44.    Resolution of externally defined symbols is performed by:

45.    Question Deleted.

46.    The primary tool used in structured design is a:
Structure chart.

47.    In prototyping:
4GL’S used.

48.    Data Definition language used for:
How data structured in the database.

49.    The translator which perform Macro expansion is called:
Macro Pre processor.

50.    Shell is the exclusive feature of :

51.    A scheduler which selects processes from secondary storage device is called:
Medium term scheduler.

52.    Which of the following loader is executed when a system is first turned on or rested?
(A) Boot Loader (B)Compiler        (C) Boot Straploader    (D) Loader.
Ans: Boot Straploader.

53.    The scheduling in which CPU is allocated to the process with least CPU burst time is called:

54.    A distributed network configuration in which all data/information pass through a central computer is :
Star N/W.

55.    Which of the following is associated with error detector?
(A) Odd parity bit.    (B) Even parity bit    (C) Both of the above    (D)None of the above
Ans: Both of the above.

56.    Magnetic disk storage capacity depends on :
(A) Tracks per inch of surface    (B) Bits per inch of tracks
(C) Disk pack in disk surface            (D) All of the above.
Ans: (D) All of the above.

57.    Question Deleted.

58.    In linked list START=NULL condition occurs in  :
Under flow.

59.    Which of the following is first generation computer?
(A) ICL-2800    (B) CDC-1804        (C) EDSAC    (D) IBM-1401.

60.    Microprocessors as switching device are for which generation computers.
Fourth Generation.

61.    Poor response time is usually caused by:
(A) Process busy    (B) High I/O rate.    (C) High Paging rate (D) Any of the above.
Ans: Any of the above.

62.    Question Deleted.

63.    In 1974 a database language introduced by Boyce:

64.    The first large scale implementation of Codd’s relational model was IBM’s :
System R.
65.    Which of the following is a collision resolution method?

(A) Open addressing     (B)Chaining  (C) Multiple hashing   (D) All of the above.
    Ans: All of the above.

66.    Which of the following is the first phase in the SDLC?
(A) Project-Startup  (B) Requirement analysis     (C) Maintenance    (D) None of these
Ans: Requirement analysis.

67.    SQL-3 standard consist of how many parts:

68.    Which of the following isn’t a DCL statement?

69.    Which of the following is known as the all or nothing property?
(A) Atomicity    (B)Actuality (C) Isolation (D) None of the above.
Ans: Atomicity.

70.    A component which is not a 3 times architecture.
Business service.

71.    Which of the following data structures could be considered recursive?
(A)Linked list        (B)Trees    (C) Both    (D) None.
    Ans: Both.

72.    Question Deleted.

73.    Which of the following is essential for converting an infix expression to postfix Form efficiently?
(A) An operator stack.    (B) An operand stack        (C) An operand and operator stack.        (D) A Parse Tree.
Ans: An operator stack.

74.    The minimum number of fields with each node of double linked list is :

75.    Linked list are not suitable for:
Binary search.

76.    In a circular linked list insertion of a record involves the modification of :
2 pointer.

77.    The variables which can be accessed by all modules in a program are known as :
(A) Local variables.    (B) Internal variables        (C) External variables
(D) None of the above.
Ans : None of the above.

78.    The processing of accessing data stored in a tape is similar to manipulating data on a?

79.    How many value can be held in an array A[-1, -m, 1, -m]?

80.    Sparse matrices have:
Many zero entries.

81.    What is the minimum number of stacks of size ‘n’ required to implement a queue of size ‘n’?

82.    What is the expansion of UML?
Unified Modeling Language.

83.    Question Deleted.

84.    Number of tuples in a relation is known as :

85.    Which of the following is an encryption standard?
(A) DES    (B) DAS    (C) 3 DES    (D) All of the above
86.    Which of the following is a single point of control on a network used to prevent unauthorized clients from reaching the server?
(A) Encryption    (B) Secure Socket Layer    (C) Fire Wall    (D) All of the above.
Fire Wall.

87.    Round Robin Scheduling is essentially the preemptive version of :

88.    What is a shell?
It is a command interpreter.

89.    Routine is not loaded until it is called. All routines are kept on disk in a relocatable load format. The main program is loaded into memory and is executed. This type of loading is called:
Dynamic Loading.

90.    In the blocked state.
Processes waiting for I/O are found.

91.    What is the memory from 1K-640K called?
Conventional Memory.

92.    Virtual memory is :
An illusion of extremely large main memory.

93.    The process related to process control, file management, device management, information about system and communication that is requested by any higher level language can be performed by:
System Call.

94.    Multiprogramming systems:
Execute more jobs in the same time.

95.    Which is not the state of process?
(A) Blocked     (B) Running    (C) Ready    (D) Privileged.
Ans: Privileged.

96.    The solution to critical section problem is : Mutual Exclusion, Progress and Bounded Waiting.
The statement is true.

97.    The number of processes completed per unit time is known as:

98.    Question Deleted.

99.    The mechanism that bring a page into memory only when it is needed is called ?
Demand Paging.

100.    PCB is :
Process Control Block.

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