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Tuesday, 30 November 2010


1. Asian Games, officially known as Asiad, is held in every?
Four Years.

2. The first Asian Games were held in New Delhi, India in?
1951. (From March 4 to March 11)

3. Until the 1982 Asian Games, the games were regulated by?
Asian Games Federation (AGF).
After the 1982 Asian Games, they have been organised by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA).

4. How many countries participated in the First Asian Games held in Delhi?
11 countries. (Athletes 489, Events 57, Sports 6)

5. What is the motto of the Asian Games?
“Ever Onward.”

6. How many Nations/Countries taking part in Asian Games 2010?
45 Nations

7. How many Sports include in Asian Games 2010?
42 Sports.

8. Which country hosted 2010 Asian Games (16th Asian Games)?
Guangzhou, China (November 12–27).

9. Which country has hosted Asian Games more than any other nation?
Thailand.(Four times).

10. Name the countries which hosted the Asian games up to 2010?
India, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Iran, the Philippines and Qatar.

11. Asian Games -2014 will be held in?
Incheon. (South Korea).

12. Badminton made its debut in which Asian Games?
Jakarta Asian Games (Indonesia) in 1962.

13. A country which was barred from the 1948 Summer Olympics
in London was later allowed to compete in the inaugural Asian Games in Delhi. Which is that country?

14. Which Asian nation has been officially excluded from the Olympic Council of Asia, and therefore unable to participate in Asiad?

15. Chess and Triathlon featured in the competition programme for the first time in which Asian games?
Doha Asian Games (2006).

16. Which country bagged maximum number of medals and secured 1st position in the recently concluded Asian Games-2010?
China. (199 Gold, 119 Silver, 98 Bronze Total: 416)
Second Place: South Korea (76 Gold, 65 Silver, 91 Bronze)
Third Place: Japan (48 Gold, 74 Silver, 94 Bronze).

17. Which country clinched the Men’s hockey gold medal of Asian Games-2010?

18. The 4th Asian Games held in Jakarta, Indonesia (1962) witnessed the omission of two countries. Which are they?
Israel and the Republic of China (Taiwan).

19. Which Asian games was the first Asiad to be held under the aegis of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA)?
Delhi Asian Games, 1982

20. The official mascot of Delhi Asian Games -1982?
Appu. A kid elephant.

21. Which country had won the maximum number of medals in the first eight editions of the Asian Games?

22. Which country won the maximum number of medals in the 9th Asian Games held in Delhi, 1982?

23. Indian Athlete who won four gold medals (and one silver) in athletics in the Seoul Asiad, 1986?


24. During the 11th Asiad in Beijing, China (1990), the president of Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) died due to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Name of that president?
Sheikh Fahad Al-Sabah.

25. Which Asian games was the first to be held in a non-capital city?
Hiroshima Asian Games in 1994

26. Which is the only Asian Games to have a male-female pair as a mascot?
Hiroshima Asian Games in 1994.

27. In which Asian games all 44 member nations of the Olympic Council of Asia participated for the first time?
Busan Asian Games-2002. (South Korea).

28. Body building made its debut as an event in which Asian games?
Busan Asian Games-2002. (South Korea).

29. In which Asian games all 45 member nations of the Olympic Council of Asia participated for the first time?
Doha Asian Games-2006(Qatar).

30. Which is the second city in China to host the Asian Games after Beijing in 1990?

31. The official mascot of Asian games-2010?
“Le Yangyang”

32. India is in which position in the rankings table of Asiad-2010?
India won 14 Gold, 17 silver and 33 Bronze.
33. Who won Gold in women’s 10000m event at the 16th Asian Games 2010?

Preeja Sreedharan (India). She also won a silver medal in women's 5000m race.

34. Who won the gold medal in the men's 400m hurdle event at the 16th Asian Games 2010?

Joseph Abraham (India).

35. Who was awarded the Samsung Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Asian Games-2010?
Lin Dan, Chinese badminton player. He won two gold medals - men's singles and team event - at the Asian Games.
MVP is regarded as the supreme honour for the athletes, recognised by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and the Guangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (GAGOC).

36. Who won the first gold medal for India in Asian Games 2010?
Pankaj Advani, Billiards champion.

37. Who won the first ever gold in rowing for India in the men’s single sculls event of Asian Games-2010?
Bajrang Lal Thakkar.

1) Pankaj Advani won gold medal in Cue Sports Men's English billiards singles.
2) Ronjan Sodhi won gold medal in Shooting Men's Double Trap.
3) Preeja Sreedharan won gold medal in Athletics Women's 10,000m.
4) Vikas Krishnan won gold medal in Boxing Men's 60kg.
5) Vijender Singh won gold medal in Boxing.
6) Somdev Devvarman and Sanam Singh won gold medal in Tennis Men's Doubles.
7) Somdev Devvarman won gold medal in Tennis Men's Singles.
8) Ashwini Chidananda Akkunji won gold medal in Athletics Women's 400m Hurdles.
9) Joseph Abraham won gold medal in Athletics Men's 400m Hurdles.
10) Bajrang Lal Takhar won gold medal in Rowing Men's Single Sculls.
11) Indian Women Team won gold medal in Kabaddi.
12) Indian Men Team won gold medal in Kabaddi.
13)Manjeet Kaur,Ashwini Chidananda Akkunji,Sini Jose,Mandeep Kaur won gold medal in Athletics Women's 4 x 400m.
14) Sudha Singh won gold medal in Athletics Women's 3000m Steeplechase.

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