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Wednesday, 25 November 2009



1. An element forms compound of formula ACl3, A2O5, and MgA2, but does not form ACl5. Which of the following could A be?

(a)Boron (b) Phosphorous (c) Nitrogen (D)Aluminium

Ans: Nitrogen

2. Which of the following statement is incorrect?

(a)The bond length in H2+ is longer than that in H2.
(b)Anhydrous AlCl3 is a covalent substance.
(c) The number of electrons in an anti bonding molecular orbital of N22- is six.
(d)The molecules BF3 and NF3 are covalent compounds. But BF3 is polar and NF3 is non-polar.


3. The pH solution containing 0.10 M sodium acetate and 0.03 M acetic acid is (pKa for CH3COOH=4.57)
Ans: 5.09

4. IUPAC name of CH3-CH2-C≡C-CO-CH2CH3 is?
Ans: Hept-4-yn-3-one

5. Which one among the following suppressed the photochemical smog?

(a)Radical trap (b) Nitrogen Oxide (c) Hydrocarbons (d) Peroxy acetyl nitrate
Ans: (a)
6. Which of the following statement is correct?

(a) CO is harmful to human being as it is antagonistic to CO2

(b) In Antarctica ozone depletion is due to the formation of chlorine nitrate

(c) Air pollutants that produce photochemical oxidants include O3, Cl2 and SO2

(d) The main source of methane in India is wheat fields.


7. The osmotic pressure of 5% solution of cane sugar at 1500 C (molecular mass of sugar=342) is:
Ans: 5.07 atm

8. In the Nickel-Cadmium (NICAD) cell, NiO2 is :
Ans: The cathode in the discharging period

9. The solution of nickel sulphate in which nickel rod is dipped is diluted 10 times. The potential of nickel:
Ans: Decreases by 30 mV

10. In the Victor-Meyer’s test, the colours given by 1o, 2o and 3o alcohols are respectively?
Ans:Red, Blue, Colourless

11. Acetaldehyde can not show :
Ans:Lucas Test

12. Orbital interaction between the sigma bonds of a substituent group and a neighboring pi orbital is known as :
13. During dehydration of alcohols to alkenes by heating with concentrated H2SO4

the initiation step is :
Ans:Protonation of alcohol molecule

14. Among the amines (I) C6H5NH2 ,(II)CH3NH2, (III)(CH3)2NH, (IV)(CH3)3N the order of basicity is :
15. In both DNA and RNA, heterocyclic base and phosphate ester linkages are at:
Ans: C1| And C5| respectively of the sugar molecule

16. Ethylene oxide is added to soft drinks as an additive to function as a/an:
Ans: Preservative
17. Which one of the following can be used as a bleaching agent in detergents?
(a)Bithinol (b) Polyphosphate (c) Perborate (d) Sodium citrate
18. Pick out the statement which is not true?

(a)Sodium alkyl sulphate is anionic surfactant
(b)Cyclamate is an artificial sweetener.
(c)Ozone is green house gas
(d)Pyrethrum is a disinfectant
19. Which of the following gives maximum energy in metabolic process?
(a)Cerebroside (b) Pyrodoxime (c)Chees (d)Starch
Ans: (a)
20. Which one is a broad spectrum antibiotic?
(a)Penicillin (b)Tetracycline (c)Plasmoquin (d)Xylocane
Ans: (b)
21. Phyllode is a modification of :
22. Epicalyx is :
Ans: A whorl of bracteols
23. The outer covering of nonmyelinated neurons in brain is :
Ans: Axolemma
24. Saliva converts:
Ans: Starch into maltose
25. Respiratory mechanism is controlled by :
Ans: Central nervous system
26. Blood to the diaphragm is supplied by :
Ans: Phrenic artery

27. The living substance of the cell was called sarcode by :
28. Plasma membrane is made of:
Ans:Proteins, lipids and carbohydrates.
29. Ribosomes are the centre for :
Protein Synthesis
30. Cristae take part in :
31. Principal protein of cilia and flagella is :
Ans: Tubulin
32. Pollen grains represent:
Ans: Immature male gametophyte
33. Site of fertilization in a mammal is :
Ans: Fallopian tube
34. Function of Sertoli cells is to:
Ans: Nourish sperms
35. For successful implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall, which hormone is necessary?
Ans: Progesterone
36. Ovulation is induced by :
37. Neo-Darwinism was supported by :
Ans:Huxley and Haeckal
38. Idiogram means:
Ans: Diagrammatic representation of chromosome
39. A circular DNA present in bacterial cell along with main chromosomes is known as :
Ans: Plasmid
40. Which is commonly considered as a biologist’s paradise?
Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

41. Which among the following is an empty set?
(a) {0} (b){ } (c){φ} (d) O
42. If P={1,2,3,4,5} and Q={4,5,6,7}, then P-Q is:
Ans: {1,2,3}
43. MU(N∩P) is :
Ans: (MUN) ∩ (MUP)

44. In which quadrant all the trigonometric ratios have the same sign?

Ans: 1
45. Sec(-225o) is :
Ans: -√2

46. The radian measure corresponding to 25o30| is :

47. If the solution set of the equation ax2+bx+c=0 is {α, β} then α-β is:

48. If i=√-1 then the sum of i+i2+i3+…. 100 terms is equal to:
Ans: 0
49. The number of different permutations of the letters of the word ‘JANAB’ is :
Ans: 60
50. If x, 2x+2, 3x+3 are in G.P. then the next term is :

Ans: -13.5

51. If Matrix A= 1               0
                               2               0

and Matrix B=0               0
                               1               2 then:

[a] AB=0, BA=0 (b) AB≠0, BA=0 (c)AB=0, BA≠0 (d) AB≠0, BA≠0
52. The inverse of Matrix        1               1

                                                        0               1
Ans: 1               -1
          0               1

53. Let A be a square matrix of order 3. If |A|=-3, then the value of the determinant of A.adj A is :
Ans: -27

54. If A= a x is a symmetric matrix, then:
y 0

Ans: x=y
55. The mean deviation of the numbers 1, 1+k,1+2k….,1+51k from their mean is 130, then k is equal to :

56. Variations of 10 observations is 5. If each of the observation is multiplied by 3 then the variance of the resulting observations is :

57. Dhanya visits four cities P, Q, R and S at random. What is the probability that she visits Q either first or second?
58. For a binomial distribution B(5, p) If P(x=1)=8 P(x=3) then p is :

59. Let f(x) = 3x-4 ; 0≤x≤3

x+k ; 3
If f(x) is continuous at x=3 then the value of k is :

Ans: 2

60. The function f(x)=x3+px2+qx in 1≤x≤2 satisfies the conditions of Rolle’s theorem and the point so obtained is 4/3. Then the value of p and q are respectively:

Ans: -5, 8

61. One among the following is not considered as a Platform test?
(a)COB (b) Acidity (c) Gerber’s test (d) Alcohol test

Ans: Gerber’s test
62. Milk is rich in ------------- mineral:
Ans: Calcium
63. Which country is the largest producer of milk in the world?
Ans: India
64. The total Buffalo population in Kerala is less than :
Ans: One Lakh
65. One among the following is not a Milch breed of cattle?
(a)Sindhi (b) Deoni (c) Gir (d)Amritmahal
Ans: Amritmahal

66. The acid used for coagulating milk when paneer is prepared:
Ans: Citric acid

67. Dry ice is also called as:
Ans: Solid Carbon Dioxide
68. Dry steam which is further heated at a constant pressure thus raising its temperature is called as:
Ans: Superheated steam
69. Letting down of milk is due to the release of :
Ans: Oxytocin
70. The true stomach in ruminant is :
Ans: Abomasum
71. According to PFA table butter should contain not less than -----% fat :
Ans: 80

72. As per PFA standards toned milk should have minimum :
Ans: 3.0% fat
73. Deficiency of magnesium produces-------- disease in adult ruminants:
Ans: Grass staggers
74. A variety of grass which considered as “friend of the poor”:
Ans: Dheenanath Grass.

75. The Malayalam name of Gliricida :
Ans: Seemakonna

76. Which one among the following is the most heat resistant pathogen :
(a) Clostridium botulinum (b) Mycobacterium tuberculosis
(c) Staphylococus aureus (d) Listeria monocytogens

Ans: Clostridium botulinum

77. Microbial contaminants suspended in air are referred to as :
Ans: Aerosols

78. The pricing system of milk followed by APCOS:
Ans: Two axis pricing policy

79. The milk powder plant in Kerala is located at ------ District:

80. The operation food programme in the country is implemented by :

81. Action and reaction :
(a)Act on two different objects. (b)Have equal magnitude
(c) Have opposite directions (d)All are correct

Ans:All are correct

82. A ball of mass of 10gm strikes a wall with a velocity of 5m/s and rebounds making a perfectly elastic collision. The impulse is then given by :
Ans: 0.1 kgms-1

83. The slope of the displacement time graph gives us the :

84. A particle moves along a straight line according to the law S2=at2+2bt +c. The acceleration of the particle varies as:
Ans: S-3

85. A body is projected at an angle of 30o to the horizontal with kinetic energy 40J. What will be the Kinetic energy at the topmost point?

86. Work done by all the forces(external and internal) on a system equals the change in :

Ans: Kinetic Energy

87. The Bulk modulus of elasticity in the case of an adiabatic expansion is :
Ans: γp

88. When a soap bubble of radius r is connected to a bubble of radius R(rAns: smaller bubble will decrease and larger bubble will increase
89. Milk is an example of :

90. The standard reduction potentials of Li+/Li, Ba2+/Ba, Na+/Na and Mg 2+/Mg are -3.05, -2.73, -2.71 and -2.37 volts respectively. Which one of the following is strongest oxidizing agent?
(a) Na+ (b) Li+ (c) Ba2+ (d) Mg 2+


91. To stop bleeding, Fe Cl3 is applied locally because:
Ans: Fe Cl3 causes denaturation of proteins present in the blood.
92. Half-life of a radio active substance A is 2 times the half life of another radio active substance B. Initially the number of nuclei of A and B are NA and NB respectively. After three half lives of A number of nuclei of both become equal, the ration NA/NB is :

93. For an isochoric process:
Ans: The volume remains the same

94. The criteria for a process to be reversible is that:
(a)It must be quasi static (b)It must be non dissipative
(c) It must obey both the above conditions (d)None of these.

Ans: It must obey both the above conditions:

95. If the temperature of the source is double that of the sink then the efficiency of the Carnot’ engine is :

Ans: 50%

96. The amount of heat energy generated by a perfectly black body per second per unit area and maintained at a temperature of T:
Ans: Is directly proportional tio T4

97. The impedance in an LCR circuit in which the inductive reactance is equal to the cacacitive reactance:
Ans: R

98. If the unit of self inductance is Henry then unit of mutual inductance will be:
Ans: Henry

99. A transformer has a turn ration of 1:10. If the current in the primary has a peak value of 5A, then the current in the secondary will be :
Ans: 0.5 A

100. 1 kilowatt hour is :
Ans: 3.6 x 106 Joules.

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