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Monday, 3 November 2008

Current Affairs Questions and Answers-October-2008

Current Affairs Questions and Answers-October-2008

1. Which Indian couple got the Right Lively hood Prize-2008 also known as the Alternative Nobel.?


Ans: - Krishnammal and Sankaralingam Jagannathan(They are the leaders of “Land for the tillers’ movement. They started the movement in 1981. Prize value of Right Lively hood award is Rupees. 1,35,00000)

2. Who got the Navodaya Award?

Ans: M.P.Virendra Kumar

3. The South African China man Spinner who recently retired from International Cricket?

Ans: Paul Adams

4. Which Malayalam Poet got the Ezhuthachan Award for this year?

Ans:Akkitham Achyuthan Namboodiripad

5. The controversial book written by Australian Wicket Keeper Adam Gil Christ?

Ans: “True Colours”.

The book has controversial remarks about Indian players Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly and Harbhajan Singh

6. Who is appointed as the C.E.O (Chief Executive Officer) of Vizhinjam International Seaport Ltd?

Ans: L.Radhakrishnan

7. Anil Kumble surpassed a record of Kapil Dev in the recently held third test against Australia in New Delhi. Which record?

Ans: Kumble played 132 test matches for India which is the second highest in terms of number of test matches played by an Indian player. He surpassed Kapil’s record of 131 matches in the Delhi test. Sachin holds the record of playing most number of test matches

8. Who won the World Chess Championship in 2008?

Ans:Viswanathan Anand.

This is his 3 rd World Chess Title and this time he beat Russia’s Vladimir clinch the title.

9.Who is the new Vice Chancellor of Kerala University ?
Ans:Dr. A.Jayakrishnan

10. Which Malayalam actor won the Satyan Award?

Ans:Jagathy Sreekumar

11. Who is elected as the new President of Maldives in the recently held democratic elections?
Ans: Mohamed Anni Nasheed.

Mohamed Anni Nasheed

12. Name of India’s mission to moon project?

Ans:Chandrayan -1

13. Chandrayan -1 is launched in?

Ans: 2008 October-22.

14. Name the other countries who successfully launched their moon mission programs?

Former Soviet Union, United States, European Space Agency, China and Japan. India joined the elite group and has the 6th place.

15.Who won the Man of the Match Award in the recently held second test match between India and Australia ?

Ans: Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
He captained India in that match at Mohali and India beat Australia by 320 runs.

16.The name of the Pension Scheme introduced by the Government of Kerala for the farmers of the state ?
Ans:Kisan Abhimaan
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